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Damn! those boy's are smokin! Ok, you guys gotta be gay, because there are some HOT men on this site. Good work! Iíve been experimenting with beards for years, and never knew how to cut it like I like it. You guys have given me some great ideas! Thanks. Your gay bro, Todd

You do a great job! Cheers from Berlin

Hey, your site is brilliant. I'm 19 years old and used to have a full beard until my girlfriend asked me to shave it off because it irritated her during oral sex. Since then I've held onto the moustache, with two handles at the side. Not enough young guys get involved in moustaches these days, which doesn't make sense because a 'stache is a good way of holding onto your facial hair while keeping things neat and tidy. If you keep it tidy and don't allow any other facial hair, particularly on your chin, it won't get in the way of cunnilingus - this is a serious problem for hairy guys - although in my picture (left), you can see I do have two small tapering handles of about 1 centimetre length, tapering into nothing before they reach my bottom lip. Moustaches are a great thing and they suit young guys. A great fun hobby, well worth getting stuck into. A good moustache is like anything else - if you put in the effort, you'll reap the rewards. Be artistic, have fun. I wet shave EACH DAY with clear shaving gel and a sharp blade, battery operated and vibrating for real tightness, for at least fifteen minutes each go, while I touch up the shape and definition. I always put on moisturiser before shaving and heat my face with a towel. Every Sunday night I use a professional moustache scissors to trim straggly hairs. Funnily enough, I have to make much more effort shaving than if I simply went clean shaven, which my girlfriend wants, but I'm not giving up my facial hair (or eating meat, or smoking Marlboro, which she also wants!) - well worth the work. The other guys in my rugby team admire my work and we all swap tips. Great site! JUSTIN, Dublin, Ireland

I just wanted to say thanks for running the gallery. I am 24 years old and looking to experiment with facial hair and your gallery is the best resource out there. Danny of Boston

Hi I just want you guys to know that I have been trying to figure out what to do with my boyfriends facial hair. One cannot do any old facial hair for their specific hairtype or facial shape! Your resources of photos have helped narrow it down. Thank you. P.S. a good assortment of eyecandy all done in very good taste of course. House, Love, and Peace, Naomi

I'm only 17, but I appreciate facial hair and had a mean set of sideburns until a horrible beard & mustache trimmer accident (my brother had the thing on the lowest setting, virtually eliminating the chops I'd had for over a year). However, I am trying to grow a beard and am so far ahead of most of my friends that its not even funny. Some of them don't even have peach fuzz. Well, keep up the good work... - Keith

I loved your site : )= (beard smile). - Kyle

Hello! Great page! Being a man with fuzz, I like to see other furry and fuzzy faces! Keep up the great work! ~Daniel

Dear Fuzface Gallery, May I compliment you on your collection? As the daughter of a man with a truly impressive moustache, I appreciate good facial hair. I am writing to you because I am also the web mistress of my father's site, which features Oregon Wild Hair Moustache Wax (for those days when the fuzz needs taming)... With great appreciation for your efforts, Shaula Coyl, Web mistress, Oregon Wild Hair Moustache Wax

Here are five things that turn me on about your site: 1. The subject. You have diverse tastes..... 2. The graininess of the images makes them seem quite personal. I can almost imagine this as a carefully guarded collection of clippings and cutouts spread out on the bedspread for closer inspection...... 3. The layout of the site is clean, easy on the eyes and easy to navigate, and clearly communicates a single message very effectively. As you know, these are rare qualities among most sites, especially amateur sites...... 4. It's not bland. I'm *really* bored with that stuff...... 5. It does not promote a particular stereotype..... I will definitely be back to check for additions. Thanks for the visual treat!

More beatnick poet faces please! - Andy

I think I saw Brad Pitt among your "fuzfaces." Cool! I think he looks particularly good in films where he has a bit of fuz on his face. Ditto with Jeremy Davies - very cool in a beard!

I like your site because you also include guys with just a bit of fuzz on their faces. That's cool. Now that you have a fuzFACE site, how about giving us a fuzCHEST site? Thanks!

Well, I liked your site! Always glad to meet another facial hair fan.


Hi There.. Love your site.. I have a huge black stache.. How about starting a hairy chests page?

Great site. Lots of cool fuzfaces! But where's Abraham Lincoln? - Jerry

You have a great site! One of my favorite beards is on runner Edwin Moses. I have seen some pictures of him in Sports Illustrated but I don't have a copy to send you. (Wish I did.)

My nominee for best beard - singer Kenny Loggins. Back in the 1970s he had one of the best beards ever. - Iris

I have been (ok, weirdly) collecting pictures of other bearded men from various pages on the net in an attempt to decide how to grow mine...... I like your site.

Your site is one of the best I've seen. - Kathy

I visit the website from time to time..... those staches and beards..... you have some pictures of some good looking bears on your site..... nice page....wish the pics were in color however.....

I checked out your site and decided to grown some facial hair. Thanks! - Dan

I noticed Joseph Fiennes ("Shakespeare In Love") among your "fuzfaces." Very cool. Great actor and great face!

You have a fine collection of extremely good looking men! Keep up the good work. Your site is really really great. - Lisa

You have some very (!) handsome men among your gallery pages. I really like the variety! - Kate

A most interesting site. Love the kind of intimate nature of the photos. Perfect for a cloudy day.

Quite an impressive collection of faces. Keep up the good work!

I really enjoy your site because you have such variety -- black, white, Asian, Hispanic. A very nice site! Bravo!

dear fuzyface, looking for areas to help me keep my face well groomed. i've purchased a kit at my local beauty supply and have run out of the wax. tried to see if i could purchase by itself clerk could not find in order book. tried other waxes and was not too pleased. if you have any advice please contact me. thank you

How come everyone pictured in your gallery looks like a serial killer?

I've been visiting the Fuzface Gallery for several years now. I enjoy the changes. - From a fuzfacer!

Great Site! An idea whose time has come! I was so glad when guys started growing chin hair again - I've always had a goatee even before they resurged. Your site fills a gaping need on the internet - and thanks for keeping it up! Keep up the good work. - RandL

I've been actually, well, trying, to do the beard thing for years now. The goatee look is best for me. I have a rather unusual problem in that the left side of my face has absolutely normal hair, the right however has big alopecic areas. :( My search over the web has been to find a goatee look that is different, something that might just be better than the usual goatee for me. I had been elated in the past few years in that the sparse areas on the right of my face have been filling in.......but now... the chin is going grey.

I found your website to be very interesting, fun and filled with lots of good looking men. In my own humble opinion I would say about half of the men on your webpages would qualify as goodlooking, sexy guys. I like men with facial hair and your website certainly has plenty of them. I viewed all 50 pages and it was fun. Some of the men I recognized from the world of movies, sports and video... I found your website, by the way, via a link from netscape's home page, under "what's cool". A nice website you have. I hope you keep it online too. - Alfonso

I must say that your site is absolutely wonderful. Great faces! - Wanda

I really enjoy the endless variation of a theme at your site. Thanks!

i stopped by your site tonight, and enjoyed my initial peek...there's quite a bit to the site, though, so i've bookmarked it and will go back and give it a more detailed reading later.

Those guys should make some porn, they look like they'd be good at it. Just letting you know. - Kerm

Whoa! What a collection of fuzzy mugs! Very good. been to your site about goatee and it's amazing... Tristan

I wanted to say... that your site is truly a dream come true. I've never seen anything like it, and I truly appreciate the effort you've put into collecting such excellent examples of facial hair. - Bob

I would just like to say that I thought George Clooney had some very nice facial fuz in the Perfect Storm. Check it out! I love fur.. good looking men on here too..

Nice photos. I've been visiting your site for several months now and I find it very interesting. Keep up the good work. - Jason

My friend Bob turned me on to your site and I must say it's one of the best out there. Kudos! - Jerry

OK. This is not a diss, nor is this a judgment, but I'm curious. Do you people get these images from mostly Latin magazines? Curious.

Thought the site was great and very informative. I think your photo gallery is really interesting. I liked the tone of the photos as well as the ideas they seem to evoke. (Plus, some of them are kinda sexy)....

I just discovered your site. It is very hairy! I have decided to grow a goatee because of it.

What a fabulous site. My name is Mary and I've been trying to get my husband to shave off his beard. But after seeing your site I'm having second thoughts. Thanks.

Man, you have some of the best beards I've seen in quite a while. I like your site because the guys look kind of natural. Not like models. I'll be visiting the FF Gallery often! - Ken

An excellent site. Keep up the good work. - Karen

I love your site. By my guess, about 150,000 pounds of the best "fuzz-faced" men around.

It's always nice to see another web site promoting the advancement of facial hair acceptance... let it grow! - Scott

Heya... Just to say I saw your FuzFace site.. and that you're totally nuts! :) Cheers from Portugal, Chryse

I visited your site and I really enjoyed seeing those photos. As a good Portuguese man, I appreciate facial hair very much. I also have a goatee. Keep up with the good work.

You have a great site. Looks like you've put a lot of work into it. Keep up the good work!

You've got a great website there. Wish my husband would shave off his beard, though. - Olivia

Hey. Just found your site today. I have trying to figure out what to do with my goatee ... your site was good was not only good inspiration, but fun to look through too! Lotsa good looking guys! -ALAN

Put some bearded Civil War faces on your site. Some of the guys back then had some great beards.

I visit your site every few days. Great. - A fuz fan!

Dear Fuzface Gallery, Bravo! You have wonderful taste in men! I have always loved the ruff, scruff, rugged men with facial hair and your web site has more of what I like than any other I've ever seen. I'm especially attracted to those guys with the scruffy facial hair but also with the cute, baby faces! Great job!

thank you for the pictures, very nice ones.

thank you to all people, who supported the site with their pictures. I saw craig david picture as well !!!!!!!!!! goodbye to all. the light from the darkness.

I checked out your photos -- interesting use of light. I found your faces very intriguing. Thanks again!

i have searched the web for goatees, was really disappointed until i found your site. your site is great. a real variety of male faces and facial growth. congratulations! well done - Barry

I think I saw singer Jon B. among your "fuzfaces." Excellent choice. - Donna

Just visited your site for the first time. Some excellent choices. I particularly like the dudes on the main page.

I've never seen so many young dudes with beards! Your "gallery" is fantastic!

I really like your site. Keep up the great work. - Julia

Your site keeps growing. Thanks. Cool. - Bill

Hello! I stumbled across your site last night and didn't leave till I'd admired every last picture. What a nice collection!

Wow! I really like your site. Lots of really cool fuzzy-faces. Thanks! - Jim

i think your site discourages straight men from growing a beard because the men in most of the pictures look gay...and pictures of men in there underwear doesnt help either

One of my favourite fuzzy faces has to be that of Wade Neff, a gay porn-star. Just a suggestion for an addition. Enjoyed the good, bad, and the ugly, Rich

I just got turned on to your site and its pretty tight too... I am telling everybody that I know about it too. I do custom mustaches and goatee designs here in Southern California. Its good to find a website dedicated to this kind of thing, good looking out guys. - Anthony W

Hey! My name is Tony Ezzy and I have a moustache! You should check out my song, "I Got a Moustache" at www.audiogalaxy.net/tonyezzy. You might dig it.

great site. I appreciate your efforts to encourage younger men to grow facial hair. nothing sexier in my eyes than a young man with good facial hair. keep up the good work and get the word out!

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