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Q. Why was the gallery formed?

A. Fuzface Gallery was formed in 1997. The gallery exists to promote beards, mustaches, goatees, and stubble. Fuzzy facial expressions always add to a man's "mystique."

Q. Where do you get the photos and how are they selected?

A. The photos come from a variety of outside sources - magazines, newspapers, other websites, television and movies. We scan the pictures and "standardize" them and include them in the gallery. The gallery is non-profit and does not charge for admission.

Q. How come there are no pictures of women in the gallery?

A. If you find a picture of a woman with a really good "fuzzy face" send it to us and we'll consider using it. We have discovered that the vast majority of beards, goatees, mustaches, and stubble are found only on members of the male gender. And, oh yeah, we say this on every page and like to stress that the inclusion of a photo in this gallery implies absolutely nothing about the guy depicted except that, in the humble opinion of the gallery staff, he has excellent facial fuzz.

Q. Is the gallery updated?

A. Yes. We add new pictures and remove older ones all the time. Also, we move pictures around. We want the gallery to be a somewhat "random," "different," and "unique" experience each time you visit.

Q. Who runs the gallery?

A. The curator is Jason Hunterman (left) of New York City.

Q. You tend to feature a lot of younger men in the gallery. Why is this?

A. We believe that facial hair is more common on middle-aged and older men, and we want to encourage younger men to experiment with a beard, goatee, mustache, or stubble. That's why we emphasize examples of facial hair on guys under 30. But we also have a good number of pictures of guys age 30 and over, too.

Q. Who visits the gallery?

A. We get between 100 and 200 visitors a day or about 50,000 to 60,000 visitors a year. We hear from people from all over the world - Europe, Asia, Australia, and even India. Check out our Fuzmail page to hear what people are saying about us. Send us your comments. We've even been mentioned in some newspaper and web articles. Visit our Fuzclips page.

Q. How can I reach/contact the gallery?

A. You can reach us at www.dcrtv.com/fuzface. E-mail us at fuzface@comcast.net.

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