DCRTV's Best & Worst Of 2001

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Best: CSPN rebroadcast of the Sunday morning talk shows. I'm a political talk show junkie and appreciate the fact I can listen in the yard, in the car, wherever. And no commercials!..... Worst: WJFK Redskins coverage, the signal is so weak in Montgomery county that I can't listen with a walkman while raking leaves....... Thanks and Happy New Year....

Tybois Uphold Stephens City, VA:
Best Morning News-Fox 5
Worst Morning News-4, Barbara Harrison can not talk!
Best PM News-ABC 7, getting better every day.
Worst PM News-9, they just don't have it no more.
Best 11 News-ABC 7
Worst 11 News-4, it's just boring!
Best News Reporter-Fox5's Noel Tucker
Worst News Reporter-4's Pat Lawson Muse
Best Meterorolgist-ABC 7's Doug Hill, nobody better.
Worst Meterorolgist-4's Bob Ryan, can never remember what he's supposed to say, can never say Norfolk(VA).
Best Sports Cast-ABC7, NBC25 Hagerstown
Worst Sports Cast-4, why do they have to block the entire screen with a "Sports Machine" logo.
Best Sports Anchor-Rene Knott
Worst Sports Anchor-George Michael, loud, boring, and not funny.
Best Overall-ABC 7
Worst Overall-4
Best Radio Station (Country)-WJMA Orange, I know it's not DC, but 'MZQ just isn't cutting it.
Worst Radio Station (Country)-WMZQ, WFRE, WUSQ, etc., Clear Channel ruined three good country stations.
Best Radio Station (AC)-WINC, more of a playlist, less talk.
Worst Radio Station (AC)-WASH, it puts me to sleep and the non-stop Christmas music didn't help.
Best Radio Station (Rock)-WIYY in Baltimore, better than DC101, even though their signal sucks in Winchester. WBOP in Harrisonburg, DC/Balt take notes.
Worst Radio Station (Rock)-WHFS, can be so much more.
Best Radio Station (News/Talk)-WTOP, enough said.
Worst Radio station (News/Talk)-WMAL, enough said.
Best Radio Personality-Elliot from 101, and anyone on 98Rock.
Worst Radio Personality-Anyone from Oldies 100, always grouchy and rude when you call.
Best Overall-WIYY
Worst Overall-WASH
Best Media Company-Hearst-Argyle, they don't mess up the few stations they do own.
WORST Media Company-Clear Channel, hands down, the WORST media company for all time.
Best Radio Website-DCRTV:)
Happy New Year

Kyle Shannon:
BEST: Big Don O'Brien. Best roomate ever in 1995 an up and coming radio guys dream to live in the same apartment as big don. Still the best jock in all of baltimore..... WORST: The New X1057 I mean c'mon Infinity has the resources to do a full tilt ballz to the wall wreck em up and blaze em station representin hip hop and r&b and all we get is a half ass frank ski promo machine. Hey frank don't forget that baltimore made you whether you are in Hotlanta now or not. Dont forget those days at 1360 WEBB..... BEST: workin for a legend like Bill Parris. We're both a little crazy right. I think his AM top 40 thing still might work. Just the stories and the knowledge made it the best experience I ever had..... A little worse: RMOS (thats all I'll say for now, call me when you get back in the big leagues)..... even worse: Playin basketball every 2 weeks in rehobeth..... BEST THOUGHT ABOUT MOVING BUT DIDNT: Dion Summers (hey thats his real name)..... WORST THOUGHT ABOUT MOVING, AND SHOULD HAVE: THE Z104 morning show..... BEST WHAT HAPPENED TO QUESTION ON DCRTV: (TIE) What happened to Billy Bush...What happened to Kyle Shannon?..... Best Urban Station u can hear in Columbia: 92Q Second Best that used to be first best: WPGC..... BEST VOICE GUY ON IN THE MARKET: PAT GARRETT MOST OVER PLAYED: Dr. Dave..... BEST: Chris Taylor is the consumate proffesional when it comes to multi talented PD's..... BILL PASHA: Obviously is not..... BEST: TJ ROBERTS PRODUCTION..... WORST: The cleaning lady from TJs apartment building thats obviously voicing the X now (LOL)..... BEST: JASON KIDD..... WORST: KEVEN KIDD..... BEST TALENT TO COME OFF HIATUS IN 2001: -tie- Greaseman, Kyle Shannon, Jeff Spicoli, Mike Parris, CAPTAIN JIM..... WORST TALENT TO COME OFF HIATUS IN 2001--RMOS again..... BEST RADIO WEBSITE FOR DC: DCRTV..... BEST RADIO WEBSITE FOR BALTIMORE: DCRTV..... BEST RADIO WEBSITE HOST FROM THE DC AREA: JOEL DENVER..... BEST RADIO WEBSITE HOST STILL LIVING IN THE DC AREA: DAVE HUGHES..... BEST RADIO WEBSITE POSTER MAN AND ALL AROUND RADIO HISTORIAN: PAUL BICKNELL (DAVY JONES)..... WORST DROP IN MARKET SIZE: KYLE SHANNON 37 to 154 (JANUARY 2001) BEST JUMP IN MARKET SIZE: KYLE SHANNON 154-10-37 (DECEMBER 2001).....
Best: Same as last year - Rob Bamberger's Hot Jazz Saturday Night and Ed Walker's Big Broadcast; Car Talk; Frank, Sam and Sonny's Redskins Play-by-Play, any evening on CHWO: It's live and they encourage you to call and talk to them, WETA's Songs for Ageing Children and The Acoustic Cafe from the Shenandoah Valley's WMRA..... Worst: The foreboding voice that does WJFK's station ID during the Redskins' games; that you have to tune to a station in another country to get programming which used to be available locally (see CHWO above). Biggest waste of a wide coverage signal goes to WAYZ: they used to get a 3 or 4 share in both the York and Frederick books when they were WWMD, now they aren't even listed, i.e. no one is listening outside of the Hagerstown area where they're not that far ahead of WFRE. Happy New Year.

Mike, Fairfax:
Best Local Sports TV Show: Channel 4's Redskins Report..... Best TV Sports Feature: Dave Feldman's (Channel 5) multipart interview with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder..... Most Improved Radio Talk Show: Victoria Jones (WMAL) - from wall-to-wall Condit excess in the summer to three plus months of thought provoking coverage of the 9/11 story providing a forum for diverse points of view (not just the more popular ones)..... Overrated Sports Radio Show: Tony Kornheiser (WTEM) - you tune in to hear about sports and get a movie review instead. Honorable Mention: Sports Junkies (WJFK-FM) - you tune in to hear about sports and get a tattoo contest instead...... Misplaced Priorities Award: Channels 5 and 7, for leading off newscasts with Redskins coverage while this country's at war..... Most Overhyped Sports Story: Jordan's return to basketball..... Bill Clinton Prevarication Award: Clear Channel's Bennett Zier, for going on WTEM's 'Ask Management' show last summer and glibly making a number of empty promises ('We expect to have Phil Wood back on the air any day now... ')..... Best Sports Radio Programming Decision: Extended air time for John Riggins on WTEM..... Best Sports Radio Resurrection: Kiley and Booms, cancelled by WTEM after brief run a few years ago, reappearing on nationally syndicated Fox Sports Radio (locally on WFMD-930 at 6 P.M. weekdays)..... Just Shut Up Award: Orioles radio announcer Jim Hunter - hardly a broadcast goes by without him ripping the umpires at some point..... Get A Life Award: Those who send posts to the DCRTV mailbag still pining away over Lexy Hickok several years after her departure from Channel 9.....

Worst liners: WTOP "Your favorite radio station doesn't play songs"! Every other story they do begins and ends with some song, they play more music than Jack Diamond does!!!

best morning show: it WAS the greaseman. someday, some station owner and pd in dc will have the stones to put him back on the radio here. what he said was stupid, but he's done his penance. the guy is flat-out funny and more talented than stern, elliot and diamond combined. grease won the freakin' AIR award...that says something. let's get him back on the air..... worst morning show: sorry, but dylan and erin on z-104 just couldn't suck more. mark o'brien's best move would be to bring bill & kim back and put 'em on the Z..... best personality outside of mornings: loo katz is still as smooth and flawless as they come. he's a pro's pro..... worst personality outside of mornings: chris core, who used to be among washington's best, is old, tired and b-o-r-i-n-g. i get a headache listening to him (really). the same topics, the same attitude, the same EVERYTHING. chris, ya need to find something else to do, buddy..... best programming move in 2001: i can't put my finger on exactly what it was, but whatever jim farley did at wtop this year, it worked. the station is top notch, and the ratings are proving it..... worst programming move in 2001: there were so many, but two colossal bungles stick out... 1) wjfk moving don and mike to middays and putting opie and anthony on in afternoons, what a complete disaster. o&a fell flat on their faces, and there is no indication they will ever come anywhere NEAR d&m's numbers. 2) clear channel switching 99-5 to chr. another bungle of unbelievable proportions. how bennet zeir still has a job amazes me. a hot talk station anchored by greaseman in the morning would have been a winner. instead, hot 99-5 has been a complete and utter failure..... best trend in 2001: can't think of one..... worst trend in 2001: lots to choose from here! again, a tie... 1) clear channel's replacing live jocks with voice-tracked automation. a crime against the medium, the professionals who work in it, and most of all, the listeners. cc is killing radio, pure and simple. 2) xm. it will turn out to be the biggest and most expensive failure in the history of radio..... best radio station of 2001: hands-down, wtop. jim farley has all the right players, all the right plays, and in a town full of as many wonks as dc, the perfect place to play. wtop is not only the best station in dc this year, but in my travels i would rate it among the top 2 or 3 in the country, certainly the best all-newser..... worst radio station of 2001: here we have a 3-way tie between wmal, wtem and whfs. all three brought sucking to a new level in 2001. wmal's nationally-syndicated talk shows are quickly making it completely irrelevant locally, and it's news department has fallen mightily, as well. wtem suffers from the same problem: too much national, not enough local. if it's true that "all politics is local", then it's even MORE true that all SPORTS is local. hello? does anybody over at wtem get it? what few local personalities they do have just plain SUCK, which is why their ratings SUCK. (case in point: the unbelievable blunder of any pollin, on the day of the jagr trade, interviewing the 'skins backup punter!! does anybody over there know anything about sports OR radio? wait, wait, i take it back, there is one person: scott linn, who is way too good to be on such a lousy station.) finally, whfs...its 90s gen-x attitude is soooo tired. frankly, nobody cares anymore. next format, please.....

Jim Farkas, Rockville, MD:
Worst DC Radio Personality: Andy Pollin, WTEM. He is the most obnoxious and least deserving of air time in the local market. Apparently, his job description as Sports Director is to find as many ways and time slots to get himself on the air. Rarely critical without being demeaning to topic, he is the epitome of the Washington Bandwagon Fan: quick to criticize when things go bad, throws praise around wildly when teams are winning. Barely acknowledged Capitals existence until they signed Jaromir Jagr. Only smart enough to pair himself with the entertaining Tony Kornheiser and Steve Czaban so he seems less irritating..... Best DC Personality: Elliot on DC101. Has made a really strong connection with DC audience, best uses what DC has to offer to put on an all-around great show..... Worst radio company: Clear Channel. Hey, here's an idea. let's advertise each of our eight DC stations on the the other seven stations we have run into the ground, so that we don't build our audiences, just shift them around. Then, we can start advertising XM Satellite Radio on all of these stations to further diminish our ratings (because why settle for no stations in the Top 8 when you can have none in the Top 10) because we are more interested in the bottom line at all costs then putting on quality music and building strong stations with character and reaping those benefits..... Best night-time radio: Sports Junkies. The next generation of Kornheiser radio, they keep things interesting by talking more than just sports. Always fun to listen to when talking family. Very appealing to a 29-year like myslef..... Most Over-hyped Radio: WTOP. Used to listen to them in the afternoons at work, but they are like most watered-dowm music statins: they repeat the same news stories every 20-30 minutes..... Most informational show: Imus in the Morning. Despite the move to low-wattage WTNT (another nice move by Cheap Channel), he still has the best guests and intersting conversations on the day's top news stories..... Best kept secret (sort of...): WINC 92.5. Worthy of a pre-set in every car, I was getting this station in loud and clear after crossing the Mason-Dixon line on my way home for the holidays..... Most Hypocritical Radio Guru: Dave Hughes, DCRTV. This is a great site for all the latest news on the always fascinating topic of radio, but before criticizing the Post for still advertising the Greaseman Show when it is no longer on the air, check your "AM Stations section". WTEM bio still lists "Imus in the Morning" as part of its line-up.... (Dave responds: Whoops. I hadn't updated the AM page since summer. It's fixed. Check it now.....)

Mike Amowitz, Alexandria, VA:
The Worst - Losing my favorite local on-air personality, Brooke Stevens on WMAL. When she was moved from traffic to work with Chris Core, the show became very enjoyable, even if the topics were occasionally ludicrous (Victoria Jones last week asked listeners when they think two-thousand-and-xxx will become twenty-one-xxx (e.g., 2002). She had sincere, infectious perkiness, and I've missed her greatly since her departure.

favorite station: WTNT
favorite personality: GG Liddy
least favorite show: Opey and Anthony

Capt. Jack Smith from Silver Spring:
Best Overnight DJ ...honorable mention goes to Mike Burke of Majic 102.3 . He has an effective one on one style of speaking. A great companion through the night, (you'd think this guy was in the car/room with you) Very topical, witty, great voice impressions too. I love his nightshift worker phoners..overall informative, and entertaining.

THE WORST....How disappointing to have lost my favorite station..What happened to Wash? First Bill and Kim? and Randi Martin? She and Erika made me laugh on the way home from work..they were great...I thought radio was supposed to be entertaining....it was..it isn't anymore...i'm pushing lots of buttons..and leaving alot of the choices to my kids...I feel like I lost a good friend...Boo to the guys who run WASH

Most un-listenable/too many commercials: WMAL.

Best Show in DC Market: Hands down, Don & Mike. They have matured with their audience and are consistantly entertaining..... 2nd Best Show in DC Market: Donnie Simpson. Same kudos as D&M.....
Worst Show in DC Market: Opie & Anthony. Overrated hype, not funny..... 2nd Worst Show in DC Markey: Diamond in the Morning. PHONY.....

Worst Host/DJ (1): J.T. the Brick on Fox Sports. He likes to "challenge" cities to call his station and chides them when they don't. "Hey, J.T., did you ever think that you have been pre-empted by the affiliates in those cities to cover a high school basketball game which has more local interest than your show?"..... Worst Host/DJ (2): Jack Diamond. He must have some talent or appeal or else he would have been fired by now, but he and his cast of idiots can talk about nothing for longer periods of time than anyone I've ever heard...... Hardest Working Guy in Radio: Ron Kitzmiller. Does the a.m. drive show on WFMD, fills in on sports on WTEM and then does high school basketball and football back on WFMD, sometimes, I swear on the same day..... Best Station Promotion: Christmas Cash for Kids on WFMD. Raised around $53k from pretty much the Frederick County and Upper Montgomery County area. Best Radio News: WTOP.

News Guy:
Best TV News: Channel-4 (duh). Always reliable. They're clear on the concept. Smooth move putting Wendy Rieger on at 5p. Just wish someone would take Pat Lawson Muse clothes shopping. And please -- keep I.J. Hudson on the computer beat. His anchoring cures insomnia...... Honorable Mention: Channel-7. Getting better by the day. Dishonorable Mention: Channel-9. Might consider replacing the news block with cartoons. Equally as funny, less expensive to program...... Best Radio News: WTOP. Sure, I could live without the music that seems to be inserted into every story (especially in the morning). But they're reliable like a major market all-newser ought to be. And with the Orioles gone, I know I can find out why I'm stuck on I-95 on a Sunday afternoon in July...... Best Radio News Personalities: Sean Anderson & Diane Kepley afternoons on WTOP. Thankfully, we've heard the last of Mary Jo Powell. Dream Team: Bruce Allen & Diane Kepley in morning drive..... Worst Radio News Operation: WMAL. Why bother having all those people for a minute of news? Just carry the entire ABC hourly (still the best radio network newscast). Worst of the lot: Scott Wykoff, a whiney-voice know-nothing. How did he get past a 250 watt daytimer? Does Disney know what's going on at this station? Hey, I'm a shareholder -- I'd better tell them!.... One of the Best Developments of the Year: WQSR moving to 102.7 and getting a killer signal in the DC area They're no 'CBS-FM (who is?), but they're a thousand times better than WBIG. So long to the endless parade of Clear Channel's spots, which are even more annoying than that evening jock, Golda Meir, or whatever his name is..... One of the Worst Non-Developments of the Year: Still no Web-casting of Infinity stations. I want my 'CBS-FM and my 1010-WINS and my KNX, and I want it now! Mel, please, listen to me: you CAN make money on it!..... Disturbing Development Dept.: Yankees games on WCBS-AM (confirmed on Yankees' Web site). Better get the tapes and resumes ready..... Dave, keep up the great work!

RADIO ---------
Best AM Show: Russ Parr and Olivia Fox on KYS
Worst AM Show: Jack Diamond on Mix107.3. If only we all had 4 hours to talk about ourselves the entire time.
Best Local Personality: Jeannie Jones (KYS)
Worst Local Personality: Albie Dee (Egomaniac like Mr. "Diamond")
Best Announcer: WJFK's Guy
Worst Announcer: DC101's Girl
TELEVISION ----------
Best AM Show: Channel 9
Worst AM Show: News 4
Best Latenight News: Fox5News @ Ten
Worst Latenight News: Channel 9
Best Anchor: Tracey Neale, Mike and Andrea
Worst Anchor: Jim Vance (yawn), Gurvir Dhinsa, Vernon Shaw (Baltimore Channel 2)
Best Reporter: Greg Starttard (I know i mispelled that) Worst Reporter: Will Thomas

Best Radio - Morning Drive - The Jack Diamond Morning Show - Jack gives a positive start to the day. I see enough anger in the world without having to listen to it on the radio...... Mid-days WGMS. Afternoon - Drive NPR or Mike Kaufman on MIX..... Best TV - News WRC Doreen Gentzler and Wendy Rieger and Liz Crenshaw. I still suffer through Pat Collins but barely - retire this guy, please.... As for the worst - if I don't like it, I just don't listen or watch - I just want to stick to the positive. There is enough negativity on this board to sift through already.

Best - I forget to mention Sconnix who gave you WQSR, including talented Pd's like Lorna Ozmon who hired many of the staff still there today.

Best: Wtop, Without the sports, it's what an all news station should be, only downside is running AP when the station is not live..... Morning Talent: Eliot, this guy is good, really good. He won't be here much longer, enjoy him while you can...... Worst: WJFK. What the hell were they thinking? Opie and Anthony 7 years ago I creamed them in lowly Worcester Ma, playing AC..... WTNT: This is a talk station? I expected WLW, Randy Micheals pay attention to this market.(DC)..... WJZW, this sounds more like a light ac every day. Less jazz, less talk..... Over commericalization. Do you think we're going to site through the longest clusters, Infinity and Clear Channel are you paying attention? Time was 22 units was considered the norm on an AM News Talk station. Care to figure out how many units are carried on WJFK an hour?..... Mix 107.3, this station just isn't what it was two years ago. WASH, still trying to find a way, anyway..... Oldies 100.3, yeah it's the only game in town but why does WARX 106.9 sound better?..... Miss: RKO Radio, thank you FCC. The RKO stations knew how to do it right. WGMS to WRKO to KFRC and KHJ.

Brian Taylor:
I never made it to the big leagues of radio but I spent a lot of time in the minors. Here is my 18 sense worth.
DC-Best:Elliot. Relates to his audience, always fresh and prepped. Z-104 seems to be heading in the right direction. Morning show needs a lot of work but they are tolerable. Jon Anthoney on WMZQ(Don't really care for Country but I do like him)My wife listens to Diamond for the music but doesn't like him or his croonies. Worst:Hot 995. Almost laughable. The mess is unorganized, moronic and just not fun or entertaining (My wife loves top 40 and can't listen)Every shift is horrible. They are clearly lacking leadership or did the leaders decide to hire the most untalented in the market. Best in Balt: WQSR. Probally best in DC too. I listen to Elliot in the morning because I can pick them up and enjoy the morning show but afternoons on I and everyone I know, listen to WQSR. The music is fresh and fast. Just like the DJ's. Bob, Big Don,Amy Duhlaney(you go girl) are as tight and bright as anyone.Bob Duckman should be a good fit. Kudos for picking him up and when I am up late only one person rules the airwaves, head and shoulders above, Amy Duhlaney. X105 is fresh too. How did they get a recording artist for a show? Not my music or style but ya gotta hand it to them, they know what they are doing. Worst in Balt: 2 females(meg and Sara)on 98 rock. Bad radio. Is 98 Rock owned by the same as Hot 995? X105 Frank Ski. Should be tighter and more thought out. Thanks for allowing me to rant. Killer sight Dave. Lots of work and time went into this. I am hoping that someone high up reads this and makes the changes so I don't have to pay for XM.

From Vic in the Valley:
Best: Up in Hagerstown, there is an AM station, 1240 WJEJ, doing a stellar job in full-service AC (what used to be called MOR). The airstaff of Lou Scally, Tom Bradley, Jim Titus, et.al., is top-notch and they've pulled decent Arbitron numbers, too. Small station, small town. Great radio. Worst: All the rockers in DC/Baltimore are so conservative that they continue to miss current rock trends. This happened a decade ago and gave birth to the Alternative format. Today's "Alternative" just keeps playing the same tunes from the early-to-mid nineties. There's a whole format of current rock waiting to be discovered. Take a chance. Play a new song.

best radio show is Rouse & Co on WQSR in Baltimore. This is a team that has kept it fresh after all these years

David in Winchester:
Get your heads out of the sand, or at least out of metro Washington. The best station is WSVA in Harrisonburg Virginia. From what I've heard, the number one station in the country and well deserving. This News Talk station actually does local programming almost all day and isn't afraid to let the morning show wander away from a set, minute by minute format. It reminds me of the days of Harden and Weaver when I was working in the city and doing the daily commute.

Best Morning Drive....Elliot in the morning. the chemistry between Elliot and Diane is perfect for the target audience. Best Station... WPGC, MIX and WHUR...they continue to dominate and stay consistent no matter what the circumstance... Honorable Mention to WTOP but they do not have a competitor so they are hard to judge. Best Move For The Future...Z104. Give them the credit they deserve for the gut play of the year and watch them take off in 2002. Worst Morning Drive....no question it is HOT 99.5's Morning Mess. Who are they targeting?..must be mean male teenagers. Worst Stations... WHFS( are they trying to be terrible?) and Hot 99.5....they should have left it as JAMMIN or WGAY for that matter!! Worst Move For The Future...continues to be CONSOLIDATION...How else do you explain Don and Mike moving to midday to make room for O AND A and CLEAR CHANNEL having no station ranked in the top 8 in Washington... my god, they have 8 stations and they can't get one ranked in the top 8!!!!!! Happy New Year.

BEST - Mornings -- I'm torn between Moss and Day on WTOP and Jack Diamond (I'm prepared to be flamed for that). I keep WTOP on while I'm on the can, so I always know what time it is. Plus, I like to be in the shower while listening to Doug Hill. It's a little secret fantasy of mine (oops!). I used to hate Jack Diamond -- but after to listening to him, he really is a funny guy. We just like to hate him, I think. His cast of characters (as Mr. Eisner would call them) do not support him well, though. Middays -- Hands down, Donaldo and Miguel on WJFK. I love Don and Mike. Their humor has grown up as we have too after listening to them. I hate their timeslot, but you really can't hold it against these guys. Afternoons -- Lewis Myron Katz. Too bad he is on a station that I can't stand. I love Loo, but I don't like the records he is playing anymore. Yo Steve Allan! How about a freakin' Rick Astley record once in a while, here! Also, Danny on WMAL doing traffic. Oh, Danny. Nights -- Mark Anthony on WIHT. The station overall is an abortion, but Mark is one of the old style screamers, that reminds us of a simpler time in the world. Overnight -- WTOP. It seems that Dean Lane has come around, and is doing the news format like everybody else on TOP, instead of playing those smooth jazz pieces between news stories. The station sounds complete, and Dean sounds good doing it. WORST! Mornings -- The Hot morning mess on WIHT. I met Mark Kaye and Kris Gamble at the Air Awards. They are probably two of the nicest people I've ever met. It's a shame that they have the chemistry mixture of a lactose intolerant person and a heaping plate of nachos. With cheese. Middays -- Maureen McLain on WASH. There just is not enough excitement here. I'm trying to "WASH at work" but I'm sleeping at my desk... Afternoons -- Opie and Anthony. Ken Stevens ought to be hung by his genitals and shot by a firing squad for allowing this to happen. Nights -- Jason Pullman at WRQX. I've been holding back, not talking about this, but lets let loose. SHUT UP. SHUT UP. SHUT UP. PLAY SOME GODDAMNED MUSIC! Another nice guy, but SHUT UP! Also, Paula Young on WMZQ. Christ, where is Seth? I'd sooner listen to the cantonese sh*t on WZHF. Overnights -- Art Bell. I wish a UFO would come and carry this guy off. OTHERS: Best Traffic -- Jerry Edwards, Julie Wright, Jim Russ, Danny Alpher, and Marilyn Thompson. Funniest Traffic Moment -- When Dimitri Sotis said "WTOP news time, 1:08, here's Mike Minitree in the WTOP traffic center" and he replied "...That's Michael" and continued with his report. Worst Traffic -- I actually think they all do well, I just have my favorites. Metro's current staffing is really over the top with talent. Most Ballsy -- Elliott Segal looking "Bennett the Evil" in the face at the air awards, and use the word "f*cking" when describing voicetracking. Best Move -- Bob Duckman jumping from Clear Channel's WBIG (who's AM sister screwed him) to Infinity's WQSR. He has a killer sound, when he's screaming over those records in Charm City. Worst Move -- Clear Channel killing radio as we know it. Thanks, Bennett! Even Worse -- Killing WGAY's MOYL format. Old people do listen to the radio, Bennett! Still More -- Putting Bonnie Phillips out of a job. She is such a talent. Why do you want to voicetrack overnights? People are up at all hours Bennett! Awful that these folks are not on the air full time in DeeCee - Bob Duckman, Eddie Gallaher, Ed Rodriguez, Jack Taylor, George Mason, Mike Klein, Bonnie Phillips, Max Cacas, Paul L. Bicknell, Weasel, and Mr. Tom Major. So Dave -- when are we doing our "2002 predictions"?

Worst in Washington radio, 2001:
--9/11 coverage. Except for WTOP, WMAL and WAMU, the multitude of Washington radio stations were incapable of gathering and reporting news when it really mattered. (One unintentionally hilarious moment: WJFK's "newsman" "Buzz Burbank" reading from Internet updates he printed out earlier in the day at Kinko's.) Many local stations resorted to relaying the audio of TV broadcasts. Which means, during one of the most dangerous moments in our country's history, these stations were broadcasting the sounds of a TV anchorperson saying, "Wow, look at that."
Runners up:
--The stunt on DC101's Eliot in the Morning, identifying the name and address of the person objecting the Christmas display in Kensington and encouraging listeners to harass. Why is such hate mongering allowed to persist without a rebuke from the station, the FCC or local leaders? (Besides the obvious answer that no one over the age of 15 listens to DC101 in the morning?)
--99.5's various incarnations. Completely unlistenable -- from its ill-advised music mix to offensive on-air stunts. Eventually, bad demos will prove to Clear Channel: We are not this stupid.
--WTNT "Hot Talk." Hard to believe within its vast, quasi-monopolistic empire, CC doesn't employ one person who knows how to run a talk station.
--WAMU. Instead of providing local talk or music shows on weekday afternoons, WAMU goes to network programming -- both cheap and boring. Extra (dis)credit: Dumping "Le Show" and "What Do You Know," while keeping on its schedule "Car Talk" (already heard on WETA) and the execrable "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me."
Best in Washington radio:
--Z104. I wouldn't describe myself as a Z104 fan yet, but the station has won a spot on my FM presets. At least it sounds a little different. Extra points for cutting back on the commercials. Here's hoping it continues to develop in a triple-A direction.
--Clear Channel AMers. Yeah, yeah, the sound sucks, the signals are lousy and the programming doesn't stack up against AM stations in other cities. BUT, Clear Channel seems to be the only broadcaster developing AM for something other than religion or brokered ethnic. Look at the other credible players in town: Bonneville chews up the spectrum with two stations (and a third on FM) broadcasting the same thing; ABC lets 'MAL fall into disrepair and won't invest in a second outlet to bring its most successful AM format to town (Radio Disney). At least Clear Channel is trying -- even if it is only barely.
--WFLS, WINC and WNAV. Bravo to these rimshots for not (yet) selling out to the big guys and for maintaining a local feel.
--WTEM/WTOP for banishing the Orioles to the low-powered AMers where they belong. Orioles games have been useless since Jon Miller was run out of town. And, with Angelos playing the "broadcast revenue card" in his argument against bringing baseball to DC, credible stations shouldn't be dedicating airtime to Baltimore's semi-pro team.
--DCRTV. Goes without saying. For some reason, the Post never could figure out how to cover radio, and with its radio reporter reassigned, the paper appears to be out of the game for the long haul. Makes this great web site seem even all-the-more valuable.

Jay Alan in Alexandria:
best morning show - Donnie Simpson, WPGC - best bit - Huggy.... Low-Down worst weatherman - Bob Ryan - he can't stand still! he has some sort of antsy disorder - makes everyone nervous just watching him twitch every 2.5 seconds!

From Mary in VA...
Best Team: Don & Mike. Wish I could listen more often - they get funnier all the time..... Worst Team: Opie & Anthony. NOTHING they do is funny. I have tried to give them a fair chance all these months. Unfortunately I must say they SUCK...... Worst Individual: Nicole Lacroix, WETA. This woman has NO ability, and it astounds me that she is on the air at such a prestigious station. Her between-Morning Edition musings are dumb and annoying. Worst of all, she cannot speak clearly. She stumbles over everything (apparently no one ever taught her to read the PSA BEFORE you go on the air) and her pronunciation is atrocious. For instance, I did not know until I looked her up on WETA's web site today that her last name starts with an "L." All this time I thought it was "Nicole Aqua" or something. WHY are people like this working in radio today, and lots of truly talented people can't find jobs?

Three worsts for WASH: - First, they get rid of Bill and Kim in the morning, replacing them with Randi Martin. Then, they boot Randi, shuffling Scott Brady into morning drive. Who's next? -Second, have you heard the spot they're airing that has God plugging one of their advertisers? I won't give them further exposure by naming the client, but this is really in poor taste - especially at Christmas! -Finally, the non-stop Christmas music was a good idea, but the execution was awful. They played too many some of the same songs over and over. These days, there's plenty of holiday music (both new and old) that's available, but they stuck to a limited playlist, sometimes playing the same artist back to back, and some times the same song. I heard "Little Drummer Boy" three tims in one hour, and "Sleigh Ride" another three times the next hour!

Best sports talk show moment: A caller to WBAL's Sportsline asking Orioles' GM Sid Thrift if the Orioles were interested in acquiring Gary Dell Abate - and Thrift replying that the Birds were looking at him closely. Worst sports moment: Tom Matte on Ravens radio coverage repeating word for word everything Scott Garceau says.

Best sports local broadcasters: Sonny, Sam and Frank. These guys don't get nearly enough credit. I've heard alot of local football game broadcasts around the country, and none comes close to what the Redskins have. These guys have a unique chemistry that comes through on the radio, they obviously enjoy doing the games and each other's company. Sonny and Sam know their football as well as anyone and their insights always exceed anything one gets from the TV announcers. Win, lose or draw, these guys are great. I can't imagine watching a Redskins game without having the TV sound down and the radio on to hear them..... Honorable Mention: George Michael's Redskins Report with Sonny, Riggo and Wilbon. Very good show. Michael is great at being the straight man for Sonny, and particularly Riggo, who is hilarious and steals the show every week. Why ABC never gave Riggo a shot at being the third announcer on Monday Night games, I'll never understand. Wilbon doesn't add much, but he doesn't detract from the two hall of famers either, so he serves his purpose of having a journalist there..... Worst sports broadcasters: WTEM in general, and particularly Rick "Doc" Walker. If Sonny, Sam and Riggo represent the best in ex-Redskins broadcasters, Walker represents the worst. Arrogant, blustery, nasty and not particularly astute about football, or any other sport, the guy is just painful to listen to.

Dave in Waldorf:
BEST!!!Gotta hand the middle age dynamic duos... Tim Brant & Andy Parks on WMAL... Don & Mike, but I hardly can hear them middays. WORST... Oldies 100......Their Playlist is so stale; The Top 500 has been memorized in my sleep since Day 1. The personalities now have none.

Dave Kremnitzer:
Worst - Definitely despised & disgusted with Jack Diamond & his team of airheads. It's a genuine way to burn out your ears and brains, before getting into work. How Harvey Fisher holds a 4 share reflects the phonyism and cronyism which is synomonis with their mega-ego personalities. They should be the official Morning Zoo at Disneyworld!!

From Jack in Vienna:
Best: STILL D&M, after all these years
Worst: Jack Diamond
Overall best station: WQSR
One other thought, I agree about the Pat Goss show on JFK. On of the smartest moves Don G made as PD was to expand the show to 2 days a week and actually promo the show during the week. The JFK Sssat lineup of Goss/D&M/O&A/Junkies is actually listenable, as opposed to pre- Don G when it was wall to wall informercials.

Brian from Bmore, but goes to college on the Eastern Shore:
Best in Bmore:
X105.7 (WXYV-FM) *Props to Infinity for getting rid of stupid B102.7*
Magic 95.9 (WWIN-FM)
Heaven 600 (WCAO-AM)
Spirit 1400 (WWIN-AM)
WBAL Radio 1090 (WBAL-AM)
Worst in Bmore:
Everything else.....
Best on the Eastern Shore:
103.9 OC 104 (WOCQ-FM)
Magic 98.9 (WSBY-FM)
Rejoice 960 (WTGM-AM)
Worst on the Eastern Shore:
Everything else....

Hi, Folks. Tom from Frederick, MD., checking in with my $0.02 worth:
Best news crew on TV: NBC 4! They've been the best since I moved here in '84 and remain on top! Worst news crew: Anything on NewChannel 8. What a waste of cable space. Best radio show: Don & Mike. All these years and they're still the best! Worst radio: Whoever runs the Orioles games on AM 930 WFMD here in Frederick. For 3 straight summers each and every game has been a disaster. It's not uncommon to have the Orioles, network news and commercials all running at the same time.....for 15 minutes or more. For God's sake, pay some kid minimum wage to sit there and run the board!! Oh, and listen to the on-air signal while you're at it!! If only I could get Baltimore's WBAL here in Frederick at night! Happy Holidays!

Zoomzoom in Baileys Crossroads, VA:
Without a doubt, my vote for the best radio show aired in D.C. is Car Talk with Tom & Ray Magliozzi (Click & Clack, the Tappet Brothers). Produced in Boston, heard locally on WAMU. Not once over the past 14 years that I have been listening to them have they ever let me down. My next vote is for Phil Hendrie on WTNT. His show is fresh and innovative. I heard it once, got hooked, and catch it now whenever I can. An honorable mention goes to the Greaseman with his short-lived show on WZHF, may he barter his way back into D.C. soon. I also give honorable mentions to Art Bell and Jim Bohannon, and Ed Walker for his Old Time Radio Show on WAMU. My nominations for the best Reporter/Anchor go to the following people: Dimitri Sotis, Derrick Ward, Bruce Alan, and Chas Henry; each of them a class act. Bob Marbourg definitely deserves the award for the best traffic reporter in 2001. He's the only person besides my dad that I consider to be my equal in the field of traffic, both on and off the air. As far as television is concerned, the best shows out there are The Simpsons & The Family Guy, both aired on FOX 5 WTTG, which also airs 2 episodes of the Simpsons every weekday, Woo-Hoo! My votes for the worst radio in D.C. go to following: Almost everything broadcast on WJFK (excluding Jim Bohannon) and both WTEM & WWRC as a whole. WTNT seemed to be the only partially redeeming quality about Clear Channel in the D.C. market (as far as AM Radio is concerned), still a pretty weak signal. Now for WMAL, I hate to say anything bad about them, but WHAT HAPPENED?! As a kid, I grew up listening to WEEL & WMAL all the time. WEEL went down the toilet when I was still young, but WMAL was almost always reliable radio, I knew I could tune them in and hear something I liked. Nowadays it's just plain awful. More and more they seem to resemble former Talker WWRC AM 980: a cheesy network affiliate with poorly produced local programming. That's pretty much it for my take on the best & worst that D.C has to offer. I'm more of a talk radio junkie then anything else, so I don't really have an opinion on music radio except for WJZW, they seem to play the kind of music I like most of the time. Happy Holidays to all.

Best Radio of 2001 -Cleveland Wheeler, Sixties on 6 on XM. Only thing that could make it any better would be the addition of Johnny Dark as the DJ. Worst Radio of 2001 - All Washington Radio. The suits have ruined music radio by suffocating the DJ's and Kent Stevens did the same to talk radio by moving Don and MIke.

1. worst down fall of a radio station. JFK
2. worst christmas music. music piped into HOMEDEPOT
3. best medical reporter on t.v. KELLY LYNN balt. channel 13
4. best sports tv george michael
5. worst radio program. tie O&A or THE SPORTS JUNKIES
6. worst new music video JENNIFER LOPEZ they just keep showing her butt.
7. best radio and tv board on the net DCRTV
8. worst prescription drug. LIPITOR
9. worst gov. agency FDA for not pulling lipitor
10. worst politician HILLARY CLINTON where is she with NY. have all these problems.
11. worst fast food rest. KFC they don't cook the chicken enough

Lynn in Vienna:
Dave, Really enjoyed finding and reading your website this year.. One mention that should not go by the wayside for best radio show is "Goss' Garage" on WJFK.. It is a must-listen if you drive any kind of vehicle and want to avoid sending your mechanic's kid's through college singlehandedly.. I can personally verify that Pat Goss has saved me well over $800 in maintenance, vehicle repair and diagnosis costs this year just by following his practical advice.. I don't know of any other program that can make that claim. Is it entertainment? Perhaps not when you compare it to other shows on WJFK's line-up but, then again, what have those shows ever done for me? It's more entertaining saving money for my XM receiver and subscription.. XM needs to put Pat on its satellite program.. Worst radio station: anything that Bennett Zier has on the verge of running into the ground.... Keep up the great work Dave!

Best Radio Show: Don and Mike Show..... Worst Radio Show: Dylan and Erin on Z104 please take them off the air, you don't have to laugh everytime someone talks..... Honorable mention also goes to the Jack Diamond Morning Show putting pictures of your kids and new wife on the Mix 107.3 website is a little much I think..... Station that is going downhill: WMZQ please play more music in the morning..... Most Improved Morning News: ABC 7. The news moves along better without Carol Costello..... Worst Anchor Men: Mike Landis and Joe Krebs.... Best Anchor Men: Jim Vance and Todd Wallace.....

Jack from Centerville:
Best - Don and Mike: they always make me laugh, unfortunately I can rarely hear them in their mid-day time slot; WASH for the month of Christmas music; WGMS for intelligent on-air talent and fabulous music (although I wish they'd play an entire piece rather than a single movement, their listeners DO have attention spans!); Z104: I love the new format, I wonder how long it'll last; Tony Kornheiser: he gets better every year, he's the only thing listenable on WTEM; WTOP: informative with some of the best production in Washington radio..... Worst - John Thompson: why must he start every every sentence with "Let me ask you something. . ."; Tim Brant: why must he start every sentence with "Hey . . ."; everything on WMAL except Andy Parks: how the mighty have fallen; Opie and Anthony: just plain stupid; the fact that D.C. has no college radio, no bluegrass, no big band/standards, no world music; Loo Katz: the single most annoying on-air personality in Washington; Hot 95: A once-proud frequency now appeals to the lowest common denominator, terrible play list and idiot jocks; Sports Junkies: their act got old a few years ago; Imus: just plain mean and embarrassing.

Bes Stashuns: 98 Rock, WKCW, WINC. Worse Stashuns: Clear Channels and not them ones you hear distantly at night on your AM radio. Any station whose announcer is not physically present in the local station. Bes News: WTOP and Nashunal Public Radio. Worse News: everyone else who tries to sound local but aint. The top of the hour network reports do not count. They is fine. Bes female jocks/announcers: Paula Casey (WARW), Sara Fleisher (WIYY), Paula Kidwel (WINC), Carol St. John (WWLG), Victoria Jones (WMAL). That bold, British accent is fresh air indeed. She also has some darn good guests and topics. Renee Chaney (WGMS and commercials) Get back on regularly again. Worse female jocks: Egypt (WERQ), Celeste Clarke (WRQX) She gotta stop that labor breathin and arrogance. Stacey Binn (WRQX). Bes Male jocks/announcers: Jack Diamond (WRQX), Elliott (DC/101), G. Gordon Liddy, Dennis Owens (WGMS), Ken Beatrice (commercials and former WMAL sports guy). Charlie Warren (WMAL). Worse male jocks/hosts: Scotty WWW (WARW), Chris Bore/Core (WMAL). Finish that egg nog. Less at the egress.

Worst: On Air Talent: WTEM (with the exception of Kornheiser).... On Air Promos: WTEM (enough with the cutsey songs)..... Board Op: WTEM (tied with WJFK during Redskins games).....Engineering: WTEM (nice hum in the audio chain)..... Promotions: WTEM..... Station Overall: Don't make me say it..... Best: On Air Talent: WQSR (Rouse & Big Don are what radio should be)..... Music: WQSR..... News: WTOP (but please get rid of Weather Channel readers)..... HomeTown Station: WNAV..... Station playing all Christmas music from Thanksgiving to December 26: "DUH!"..... Station Overall : WQSR.

Start with the worst. Jack Diamond, Victoria Jones, Chris Core, Opie and Anthony..... The best...Howard Stern, And Andy Parks..... The best in Washington who broadcasts out of Baltimore: Chip Franklin.... WTOP is the best news coverage. John Riggins sorts commentaries are the best on 980....

Best station, hands down, WZBA. A music station even in morning drive should play MUSIC and not a whole lotta bantering. If only their signal were better to cover a wider area..... Worst station is X105.7. If Infinity is trying to go up against 92Q, better have something better than this poor excuse for a format. Speaking of Infinity, a big boo for some really stupid programming blunders in Baltimore radio. How about WLIF blowing out Debbie Vaughn to replace her with Diane Lynn? Sounds pre-recorded to me. Boo for dumping Sandy Mallory's smooth jazz on Saturday night and putting on the Night Light seven days a week. C'mon, is Ms. Lane really there 7 nights a week or how much is canned? WLIF used to sound friendly and personable, but now they cram the call letters down our throats every 2-3 minutes. QSR does the same thing, so does Mix. Can't they get a manager who knows what he'she is doing at these stations? At the same time, let's also give a big boo to Cheap Channel for forcing its "Prophet" (read PROFIT) down our throats. Gee, do they have any live jocks left or is it all robot city now at all their stations? What's sad is so many good stations, so few live people anymore. CC has done so much blood-letting I'd be surprised if anyone actually worked for them except maybe management and sales people. Just remember, if every company keeps firing people, those "people" who spend money won't have any of it to buy the products that advertisers are trying to sell, so you need people after all, so that we'll all survive. If companies automate everything, if nobody works, nobody has money to buy and we all lose.

The WORST by far---Opie and Anthony/WJFK's biggest mistake!

I live in Columbia and listen to both cities. Best Morning-Stern, though he's hard to pick up. Best mid-day-Chip Franklin at WBAL. I think if he did mornings, he would really shine. Best afternoon drive: My CD player. There is none Whatever happened to WMAL? They used to be listenable, but the last two years, they've become predictably lame and tame.

Phil Ciena, now of as of Thursday, Brooklyn Park, MD.:
Worst: I could not agree more about the Sports Asylum. While Stan the Fan wasn't the Greatest, he didn't deserve that. WBAL: Where is Jeff Rimmer when you need him? This just in as they would say on 980...All radio in Baltimore..... Best: Tony Kornheiser. On the radio and PTI, are both good. 5:30, bad time though, sometimes I forget to tape. The world's most unknown, but high quality sports show, the Saturday Night Sports Jam on WNAV in Annapolis. The John Thompson Show (You have to admit it has come a long way), Nasty Nestor on SPorting News radio, if he would only stop hollering and just talk it would be perfect. The Junkies. If only Don and Mike were on before them for my drive home. Most Versatile: Dave Johnson WTOP. Wizards, anchoring on WTOP and soccer.(I love Soccer) Pete Medhurst WMAL/WNAV. In a three day span, I heard him doing basketball game in Charlotte North Carolina, the next day on Nestor's station doing updates on Redskins/Cowboys and Monday doing traffic. And good at all three. Is there anyone more classy than Johnny Holiday and kudos to Ralph Freidgen for giving Johnny some good football to watch. Elliott Segal for speaking his mind at all times, and being a hockey guy. Steve Czaban, for not being like Andy Pollin. There are more good traffic announcers in the area besides WTOP. Dan Alford on WMAL is a nice addition for traffic. Along with Jamie Witten (SP?) and Medhurst they do a great job, though I notice they are on less. Traffic on the sixes? Got it the other day at 4:51? I listen though because I love Hannity and Core. Nicole Nikells on 980 is also good. Channel Four. Enough said. Channel Five, not bad for only one cast a night. Good Choice on Zier. Love or hate him, you must admit has influenced more in Washington Radio this year than anyone. And finally, the internet. DCRTV. Thanks Dave for giving us an entertaining forum to read about tv/radio. Honorable mention. Broadcastmonsters.com. It's all-sports and they have a great show with Ralph Freidgen. Federalnewsradio. Anything WTOP has turns to gold these days doesn't it. Merry X-mas.....

Dawn from Wheaton:
Best: hard to say because radio on both dials has gone steadily downhill. I still listen to WMAL on the AM dial; the morning show is still pretty good; on the FM dial, I've been listening to WBIG a lot. They've been playing a good variety lately..... Best AM talk shows--national: Mark Davis; Sean Hannity..... Best AM talk shows--local: Victoria Jones--don't agree with her politically, but she's got some good topics and some VERY interesting guests..... Worst trends: compression, WAY too many ads, compression, FM stations playing shortened versions of songs (WARW was doing this--don't know if they still are as I don't listen to them any more for that reason), gabby DJs. AM talk shows starting at ten after the hour because of ads stretching the news time(s) out; repetive playlists--someone ought to remind these music stations that the Bill of RIghts protects against cruel and unusual punishment (8th ad), and compression..... Worst decision: getting rid of the "Jammin' Oldies" format. I miss that format!

Charles Soucaras:
Worst - I would have to nominate WMAL's Chris Core. the only thing that got him decent ratings was his former partner, Bill Trumbull. Core is a pedantic, condescending bore. I can't believe ABC continues to pay him big bucks for being something like #17 in the market. I think the station would do better with four hours of Sean Hannity or Mitch Albom, even if it isn't local origination.

Best Weather People: Bob Ryan (Channel 4) give the most crediable; Doug Hill (Channel 7) gives the most entertaining; Steve Rudin (Channel 5) has the best maps and is the best looking male; Alexandra Steel (Channel 7) has the best giggle and best looking female; Sue Palka (Channel 5) has the best highlighted hair. Worst Weather People: Hillary Howard (Channel 9); Keith Marler (Channel 9) (Hillary and Keith are tied for "All Time Worst"); Stacey Donaldson (Channel 5); Chikage Windler (Channel 4); Topper Shutt (Channel 9); Clay Anderson (Channel 4); Dave Zarrin (Channel 7)

The LT from Garrett Park casts these votes:
Worst move: WAMU dumping afternoon bluegrass. And having the gall to send me a fall fundraising letter, AFTER I asked for the donation made for those shows during the spring drive to be returned. This time, I withheld funds from both WAMU and WETA, instead sending letters saying my family would again contribute when alternative programing came back to our airwaves. After all, wasn't that the intent of NPR? (I did send bucks to WBUR, for car talk, and West VA Pub Radio, for Mountain Stage.) 2nd worst---WMAL cutting back local programs---just to add another conservative voice. So long guys, you're no longer on my pre-sets. Hooray to WTOP for providing me with something worth listening to on the AM band. My only complaint is the repetitious cycle on the weekends---same story, word for word, hour after hour after hour. if you can't hire another writer, how about giving us some net stuff to fill? And another hooray to WTTG--thanks for a fast paced, local, newsy and fun morning show. With a few reporters who can go live without losing focus. From one NU GJ to another, Lark McCarthy, please don't ever leave the morning news. I only wish you still had Mayor Barry to spar with.

Michael Wright:
Best Local News: WRC, always consistent, great storytelling, and the best on-air people in town..... Most Improved News: WJLA, for stepping up to the plate when WUSA stepped down..... Best Weather: WJLA, for Doug Hill and his nifty new graphics..... Best Cable: Comcast, hey even though I don't have a choice, after suffering from an apartment complex owned cable TV provider for so long, I am glad to finally be able to have a good selection of channels, most of which are in stereo, and to have digital cable. And at least I don't have Cox..... Best Radio Station: DC101, the only station playing the best variety of new rock, and for having the best morning show..... Best CHR: WINC, the best variety of music..... Worst Radio Station: Since I pretty much only listen to FM, I can't really comment on the mess that is the AM airwaves in Washington. But this is a hard one, because so many stations here are trying their best to be the worst. I thought about WHFS, but they have sucked for so long, it's just become a cliche to select them as the worst. Maybe the New Z104. Pretty much the same playlist as Mix107, but with static. But they are pretty new, so I'll give them a chance to prove themselves. So I'm going to have to say HOT99.5. Apperantly the suits at Clear Channel didn't know that Washington DC already has 2 hip-hop/urban stations with WKYS and WPGC. To create HOT99.5 as another rap station is pretty stupid. None of my friends can figure out why they should listen, and my friends in Maryland and DC, who can't pick up WINC and B101.5 are wondering why they are yet again, without a top 40 station..... Worst Radio Move: Moving Don and Mike to middays. Since I work more than five miles away from the WJFK transmitter, I can't pick them up in my office, so I'll never be able to listen to them again...... Worst Customer Service Reps: Comcast, for telling me that they couldn't connect me to cable because they mispelled the name of my street in their computers. Luckily they never disconnected the old occupents of my apartment, so I actually do have cable..... Worst TV Station: WTMW or WFDC Channel 14. From crappy infomercials, to random old tv shows that look like they are running from 25 year old 3/4 inch tapes, to old public domain B-Movies that look like the print was stomped on, sneezed at and set on fire, this is quite possibly the ugliest TV station I have ever seen. I can't wait until they become Spanish.Happy Holidays

Chris in Howard County:
Best FM: WZBA - Great listening! and WQSR (Big Don rules!).... Best FM (Honorable Mention): Oldies 100 and Oldies 106.9..... Best AM: WTOP - Hands down the best..... Best TV News: Fox 5 10PM news (based on news, wx, and sports)..... Worst FM: 106.7 WJFK - O&A are just plain bad and their shtick is old. I feel like saying "been there, heard that already" whenever I happen to scan by them. I really don't care if they call me a dweeb... I still won't listen to them. Factor in the poor WJFK-FM signal north and not even the passable Redskins coverage can save this station. I see only a matter of time before things change because of poor ratings..... Worst AM: 1300 WJFK - I cannot STAND the "Sports Asylum." It stands as a great example of what not to do in radio. This "show" is nothing more than a very low rent Sports Junkies rip off. I cannot even stand to hear the promos. These guys try (and fail) to be shocking and know even less about sports. Stan the Fan was boring but listenable, but these guys are worse hands down. Yuck! Also, the "new" Stern show is very boring now with Artie Lang doing his redneck impressions all the time... Stern sounds complacent and bored too. All of the Ravens programming, especially Paul Nittermeyer, is bad and sounds very amateur at best. I guess it doesn't help when you are a DIE HARD Redskins fan..... Worst TV News: WJZ 13 in Baltimore. Bad all away around from anchors, content and production. Marty Bass is horrible and probably the worst personality I have ever seen in my life on any DC or Baltimore television station. He tries too hard to be witty but fails miserably at pulling it off (Glenn Brenner was/is/will always be the best! Miss you man!) It is actually funny to watch his pre/post game "Ravens Reports" because they are just so darn bad. The earring and cammo pants just make him look, well ... "strange" (putting it nicely.)

Worst - The idiots who do the Sports Asylum (good name for them) on WJFK-AM in Baltimore. This is the show that they replaced Stan the Fan with. Filthy, pathetic and just bad. What they know about sports would fit in a thimble too. "Who cares!" is their favorite line. Makes me want to go out and get a vasectomy just in case I think about having kids. Pity the poor sponsors that CBS suckers into buying there.

Travers DeVine, your editor of the SPRTV page:
Best CHR : 98'YCR
Best Classic Rock : Star 92.1
Best Oldies : Tie between WQSR and Oldies 106.9
Best News : Obviously WTOP
Best AC : Key 103.1
Best Hot AC : Mix 107.3
Best Urban : WKYS
Best Religious : WAVA, WJTL (one format the DC area is missing is the all CCM(Contemporary Christian Music) station)
Best Classical : Tie between WBJC and WGMS
Worst : I think what is below speaks for itself about what should be changed. I try not to complain and look at the good in radio.

Most improved radio station: WARX-FM Oldies 106.9 out of Hagerstown. They play a lot of oldies not found on other stations like Rose Garden's next Plane to London for example. They know there is more to oldies than the Beatles, Elvis, Motown, and the Beach Boys.... Worst Radio station: WXVA-FM 98.3 They offer nothing to listen to that is even the least exciting..... Best DJ: Tie between Jack Diamond from Mix 107.3 and Dennis Hughes on 104.7 WAYZ. Both are very good at what they do. Cliff Maxwell from 92.5 WINC is a close 2nd..... Worst DJ: Ken Jaye on 97.5 WLTF, Tanner on 95.5 WKMZ and Bill Farley on Oldies 106.9. All in Hagerstown..... Best TV station: WJLA & WHAG ( tie ).... Worst Tv station: WJAL 68. Nothing much to watch there..... Best station group: VerStandig. They are a first class operation..... Worst station group: Clear Channel. Cheep Channel !! Need I say more.....

Best new station and talker - WTNT and Michael Graham for bringing edgy local talk to DC and illustrating how lame Chris Core has become..... Worst AM - WMAL falls into Soccer Mom hell of soft feel good talk..... Worst FM - Stern floats into irrelevancy while it really WAS AM drive that proped up Don and Mike. WHFS falls into pure teen angst rap metal..... Best FM - we dont know how lucky we are for CSPAN radio. DC101 keeps steady. Best decision of 2001, killing off Jammin Oldies at 99.5.....

Nicholas Serriano, Ellicott City, MD:
Best Morning Show: Rouse & Co.
Best D.J's:(Baltimore & DC) Steve Rouse, Bob Worthington, Big Don O'Brien
Best Station: WQSR, WTOP
Best Talk Station: WCBM
Worst Station: WIHT
Worst Morning Show: WIHT

Worst TV Station- WJZ 13 Baltimore
Worst TV personality- Marty Bass WJZ

For Delmarva:
Best: Skip Dixxon's Electric Lunch on 96 Rock. The only time that station does anything that isn't musically stale as the hot dog buns I left in my fridge at college. Worst: Mandatory Metallica on 93.5 the Beach: Whoever's in charge of picking the set has a knack for choosing the absolute worst that band has to offer. And that hurts, because Metallica was my favorite band way back when, I ate, breathed and pooped Metallica when I was in eighth grade and hate to be reminded of how far they've sunk. So a handy list of songs that should NEVER be played on MM: "any of their singles, along with the album tracks "House That Jack Built," "Poor Twisted Me," "Mama Said," "Outlaw Torn," "Slither," "Carpe Diem Baby," "Low Man's Lyric," "Fixxxer," and "Loverman."
For Central PA:
Best: Nipsey, weeknights on 105.7 the X--fresh and vibrant. Less filling too! Just lay off the stupid second-long sound clips you insist on beating to death, okay, Nip? Worst: I dunno, I try to avoid the stuff I don't like. Merry Fizzmas!

Hank in DC:
Best/Worst, I don't know. But the WORST radio show I've ever heard is OPIE & ANTHONY (dopie & unfunny) on WJFK 106.7fm. After years of consistent fun with Don & Mike, not to mention #1 numbers, these guys are the Titanic on DC radio in 2001. I understand Ken Stevens/Infinity have forced them on many stations. They are tanking on WYSP/Philly, WBCN/Boston and are trending down on WNEW/NYC. Their five minutes of fame are up. Please Please Please WJFK! Move D&M back to PM drive and tape delay Opie and Anthony to overnights if you contractually have to run the show. Their open on Monday went along the lines of, "The high profile shows are taking vacation time off, we were offered the time off, but have decided to work because we care about the fans." What total B.S. the shows mentioned (they have to be Stern, Imus, D&M) have had years of success and have had long vacation during non rated periods built into their deals. Is their audience really that stupid to believe they "care" so much they're there when they could be off? Too much concentration on other shows. Advice: Concentrate on your own four hours a day. Entertain. Try it. Such a lack of professionalism, lack of preparation, reliance on bad in studio comedians and overdone bits such as Lesbian Encounters and "Teen Age Sex". Opie and Anthony are the WORST in DC radio for 2001. Maybe the worst ever. BOO to WJFK for allowing this to happen to a once heritage radio station. When Opie & Anthony slip out of the top 20 *should be soon, they're in 14th place now* maybe they'll rectify this miscue.

Andy in Reston:
Best Radio Stations - WTOP, WINC-FM, Magic 102.3 and Q101 (Harrisonburg) - top of the line stations for their formats. Oldies 106.9 would be up here for music variety except they do too much voice tracking. Best Radio Show - Forgotten 45's on WQSR on Sunday nights Best DJ's - Big Don O'Brien , Goldie, Bonnie Philips Best Out of town station heard here - Prime-Time Radio 740 from Toronto. A standards stations programmed live with incredible variety. It also scored 6.1 in 12+ good for 6th place in the latest Toronto book - showing that if a company gives a damm about a standards format it could succeed. Best Radio Product - XM - Once you listen, you can never go back!.... Worst Radio Stations - WTEM (by far the worst sports station in America), Hot 99.5 (you can't say that everything ages well. Compare the CHR format of WABC and CKLW in the 60's and 70's with this CHR mess today), Clear Channel AM's - does anyone listen? Does anyone at CC care?, MIX 107.3 and now Z104 - two of the most bland tight-listed Hot AC's in the country. Compare their playlists with WINC. At least It's excusable for MIX since they do well in the ratings. Its ratings suicide for Z104 to offer a pale imitation instead of a real alternative. Worst Association - NAB, screaming about XM and Sirius secretly attempting local programming while ignoring the way CC and other companies are going to all voice tracking. Instead of screaming about potential competition, why not actually try to get your members to improve their dismal product!

Best Strategic Move: 99.5
Best Morning Show: The Russ Parr Morning Show with Olivia Fox
Best Radio Station: WKYS (Hot 99.5, on a good day)
Worst Strategic Move: Z104
Best Morning News - WTOP
Best WX: Doug Hill (ABC7) best technology AND knowledge unlike BOB, and Sue...we won't count Topper can you believe doug has been at 7 over a year now?
Best TV News : NBC4 All around...
Best Mid Day Radio: Jeannie Jones WKYS
Best afternoon: Lorenzo "Ice-T" Thomas WKYS
Best evening: The Home Team WPGC
Best overnight: Big Daddy formerly Cayman's shift but good content even now with him gone.

Jake in Fountain Head:
Best Strategic Move: 99.5 WIHT, blowing Z104 out of CHR and grabbing the entire Baltimore-Washington megalopolis caucasian youth market for themselves..... Best Morning Show: 95.9 WKMZ's Greaseman (yeah, we can hear him in Fountain Head)...... Best Radio Station (Under $20 million Budget): Harrisonburg's Q101. America's highest-rated CHR station, for crying out loud! Baltimore could use this station!.... Best Radio Station (Over $20 million Budget): WTOP. And thanks for putting it on AM820 so we can hear it up here..... Worst Strategic Move: Z104's shift to a format appealing almost exclusively to caucasians when their primary (104.1) signal strength serves majority-black areas..... Worst Waste Of FM Spectrum: WAMU's duplication of WETA's NPR news..... Worst Waste Of AM Spectrum: WWRC.....

posted by: noozgrrl
best morning news - wtop. That morning crew works harder than you'd believe. And they make it all sound so smooth! best wx - Doug Hill. Gets it right, not alarmist, all around good guy. best overnight - wtop's dean lane. Smmmmmooooth. best tv news - Channel four WRC. Good people. WTTG is fun to watch, sometimes a little too sensational. best music radio - My favorite radio station doesn't play sooongs....but when I listen to music...its DC101 with HFS a very close second. At least HFS' play list is a little more diverse... best risky move - WASH is playing all Christmas/Holiday music all the time for a MONTH. A MONTH! Who would do that? While the rest of us can flip whenever we need a brief dose of holiday cheer/schmaltz...those poor DJs have to listen to that same stuff all day, every day until after Christmas. They deserve a special mention for that. And earplugs. I mean, I love the holidays...but eight hours of Christmas music might make me crazy. Happy Holidays everybody!

Johnny Sligo:
Best morning show: KML. Funny, creative and LOCAL. Best mid day: Radio Capital AM 1050 and 730. Nice to feel like you are South of the Border in this cold weather. Best afternoon: WTOP for up to the minute news and NPR on either WAMU or WETA for in-depth stories. Best evening: Chris Roth - WRQX. Hurry back. Best overnight: WTOP Nightside with the Deane of local overnight news. Best Veteran Personality: Eddie Gallaher, G-d Bless the Band leader. Best community oriented station in MD: WNAV 1430. As the ID goes "Live and Local." Good music, news etc. Need I say more? Best Community oriented stations in VA: WINC FM, especially Paula Kidwell, WKCW 1420 - great traditional country and personalities. Best Eastern Shore stations: WKHZ 1590, CB,Ham, Public Safety. ALL others are pathetic. Best variety station: WYRE 810. Especially Buckey Murphy's weekend show. Best alternative station: WRNR 103.1 The ole days of WHFS 102.3 are here. Best weekend overnighter: Tom Jackson - WQSR. Got that radio voice indeed. Best doo wop shows: Alan Lee - WQSR, Scooter Magruder - WBIG. Best news station: WTOP. Say no more. Best public station: WPFW - Go Gator, Nappy and Guy. Best Shortwave station: WBCQ 7415khz. Best heard at night with awesome programming. Best alternatives to conventional radio: Internet Radio, CB, Ham, Public Safety, Shortwave, multi-disc CD players, radar detectors (where legal), sound relaxation devices. Worst morning show/host: Diane Stuppar - DC 101. Worst news: WMAL. Ain't what they used to be. If they want to save money, dispense with the news department and go with Shadow/Metro. Worst stations: All those that have gone or are going to automate/VT or program in other artificial ways. I mean ANY shift. Sports and weekend countdown type shows are fine but that is IT. Worst Law: The Telecom Act of 1996. Screwed up the business from the personalities to management. Worst programming decision: dropping Big Band from 1260. New Year wishes for 02: Return to live, local programming, WNAV to broadcast 24 hours, bring back WMAL (cancel all syndicated shows, revamp the newsroom to be competitive with WTOP, provide all live/local shows including Bill Mayhugh, John Lyon and the other vets whether they talk, play music or both). Bring back Big Band. Happy Holidays.....

best dj - Russ Parr...WKYS. No Contest...the most talented morning man in DC

Ed from Baltimore:
Best Stations in B/W Marktet: WWMX.FM(MIX106.5) is playing a little more variety. I would like to hear them play more R&B, not necessarily rap and hip/hop. Best DJ's Jo Jo and Kenny, Hawaiian Ryan, Maria Dennis. Magic 95.9 plays a great mix of current and oldies. My favorite DJ's, Tim Watts, Sasha, Keith "Chop-Chop" Fisher. They messed up letting Randy Dennis go. He was the best morning show host they had. Oldies 100 plays a better variety of oldies than WQSR. It's a shame that Oldies 100 has gone automated late nights. Johnny Dark was one of my favorite night time jocks as was Bonnie Phillips. Who knows what will happen to her. I also enjoy TK with the lost oldies. A worst list is coming, so stay tuned.....

Best - Mark Kessler: He plays lots of music and doesn't embark on long, boring talk segments, and I just plain think he has an engaging, warm personality with a very good sense of humor.)... He's entrusted with morning drive on a successful station, so he's managed to keep a lot of listeners tuned in. And he was hired this season by the Redskins to keep more than 80,000 Redskins fans at FedEx Field informed on each and every play. Also, it's hard to imagine anyone who heard Kessler's show the morning the world learned that George Harrison had died being unimpressed with the outstanding way in which he handled a very difficult situation.

WRNR, Radio Annapolis...Best Radio Station....Damien....best on air talent... Empire Broadcasting System...best ownership, for supporting the format on WRNR
White Choclate in South Central:
I'd have to say the best (and most surprising) new talent on the radio is X105.7's Lil'Mo. This woman is the defenition of TRUE energy, not forced "I have to or my PD will fire me" talk at 200mph radio barf. She has fun, MAKES her listeners have fun, and gives the station a unique identity that 92Q just can't hope to match. Its no surprise that she is succesful in her music career as well with her infinite knowledge of hip-hop and the urban format worst new talent?...who cares...i'll be listening to Lil'Mo....
Justin Schlegel:
best morning talent: Justin Schlegel
best midday talent: Justin Schlegel
best afternoon talent: Justin Schlegel
best night talent: Justin Schlegel
worst radio talent: anyone other than Justin Schlegel

Chris from Bethesda:
Best Morning Radio: Howard Stern, WJFK, after a yearlong slump. I still wish Jackie was there, though..... Best Afternoon Drive Radio: Chris Core on WMAL who has improved even as the callers get dumber and dumber..... Best Evening Radio: Junks, JFK. NO contest..... Best Radio Resurrection: Ken Beatrice on WBIG on Mondays and Fridays at 8:30am. Ira Melman just winds him up and watches him go..... Best Morning TV (before 7am): WUSA. I like Andrea and Mike!.... Best Morning TV (after 7am): WTTG. Who needs the networks?.... Best Evening News.: WRC. Still..... Worst Morning Radio: Mark Kessler on WARW. He must work cheap, 'cause he's always working, but he's simply awful. Add in bland tunes everyone has heard one million times, and even this classic rock lover can't take it..... Worst Afternoon Drive Radio: O&A, JFK. Unlistenable..... Worst Career Suicide: Jackie Martling of the Howard Stern Show. He will be remembered right alongside Shelley Long and McLean Stevenson..... Worst Morning TV: WRC, both local and national. Barbara Harrison is awful, and has been for a decade. I know Katie Couric is America's sweetheart, but to me she's cloying and dead-set against all things right of Ted Kennedy..... Most Infamous Moment: The afore-mentioned Ms. Couric giving out information on how to contribute to the defense fund of the woman who killed her kids in Texas..... Biggest waste of talent: Cerphe Colwell, WARW. I hear brain cells dying everytime I tune this guy in..... Biggest waste of a lucrative format: WTEM. Only Tony Kornheiser and Riggins on Mondays and Fridays is worth tuning in for...... Most disappointing news: Rush Limbaugh's deafness. I'm a big fan, but I can't listen to him anymore. He's laughing all the way to the bank, though. God bless you all, and Merry Christmas!!

Ric W:
Best Area Radio: WTOP, 92.5 WINC-FM, B101.5 (WBQB), Z104 with adjustments, and WRNR (when I can hear it) (LOCAL RADIO)..... Honorable Mention: Christmas Music on 97.1 WASH FM after Thanksgiving...... Best TV News: NBC4's Jim Vance, Doreen Gentzler and Wendy Reiger..... Best TV Weather: ABC7's Doug Hill edges out NBC4's Bob Ryan.... Best TV Sports: NBC4's George Michael.... Bad Radio: Hot 99.5 (so where's the REAL hit music and what's so HOT about it?), Missing radio formats including all 80s and a full signalled AAA.... Best Radio and TV website: DCRTV

Best News - WTTG, Fox 5....Worst News - Any channel 9 news cast..... Best TV News Anchor: Tracey Neale..... Best Radio Station - WTOP.... Best Radio Show: AM: Elliot, Mid Days: Don and Mike, PM: nothing i listen to wtop because everything in pm in dc area sucks.... Worst Radio Show: Tied: Jack Diamond and Oppie and Anthony(no difference they both are horrible we do not have to differentiae from AM and PM on worst.

Billy from Virginia:
Bah humbug award times ten to WASH-FM for continued stupid moves. Moving Randi Martin to mornings, and then Nowhere?????? Come on guys, the traffic in the afternoon is booooooooring. She was always worth listening to. What happened to Major Sweetie, anyway? And then there's the computer run shows. You've pretty much lost me as a listener, especially now that I hear you have bowed to the conservative (and ill-informed) right by canceling the commercial advertisements for The Vagina Monologues. It's Theater, folks! Now, if they had named it the C___ Monologues, I could understand....

Sam from DC:
Best Talk Radio-Sports Junkies, WJFK, these guys are great for sports fans and non-sports fans alike, Honorable Mention to Ron and Fez who crack me up late night.... Worst Talk Radio-Don and Mike for choosing to go to middays to be live in New York, O&A are okay but Don and Mike are tyring to be big in New York that is likely not going to happen, live or memorex.

Scott from Falls Church:
Best Morning show: the Greaseman (too bad he can only be heard in DC over the internet - He needs to get a real station in DC)...... Best Morning show (on the airwaves): Elliot at DC101 - Always funny, a good kick-in-the-pants jump start to my mornings...... Best Trance programming: WHFS Trancemissions with Gina Crash (Midnight to 2 AM Sunday Morning) This is truly the best radio programming available in DC. Always new music, always good spins (although sometimes Crash seems a bit tired - who wouldn't be?)...... Best News Source: WTOP Traffic and weather "on the 8's" has saved me many hours of frustration sitting in traffic. Coverage of the terrorist attacks was second to none. AM/FM simulcast means I can always hear them no matter where I am..... Worst programming decision: Bumping Don and Mike for Opie and Anthony. This decision was obviously made for the benefit of New York and not DC. All you have to do is look at the ratings for the DC afternoon drive time slot. 'nuff said. (Guess I'm a dweeb, too)..... Worst time of day to listen to the radio: Afternoon drive - Without D&M, there is NO programming available. All afternoon drive personalities need to be overhauled...... Worst "they'll never know the difference" decision: Automating overnight programming at several stations. Yes, occasionally I am up at 3 AM, and yes, I do listen to the radio then, and yes, I can tell that a computer is in charge.

Best Romance-Themed Radio Show: Glenn Hollis on WASH -- he is better than any peer at listening to his callers and drawing them out so they tell their own stories; Worst Radio Ownership Group: Clear Channel -- for more reasons than I'll ever be able to mention here, but also for canning, or planning to can, great local talents like Glenn, and Bonnie on WBIG, and countless others, as well as for planning to replace Glenn with the syndicated preachy, pompous Delilah; Best News Anchor No Longer on Local TV: Morris on Ch. 5 -- we miss you, buddy; Worst News Anchor Now on Local TV: Gurvir Dhindsa -- I can't watch more than two minutes without getting embarassed for Gordon; Worst Talk Radio Station Ever: WTNT; Worst On-Air Board Work: whoever never took the Orioles games out of a 10-second delay on weekends at WTEM (that same party frequently missed the top-of-hour ID as well); Best Play-by-Play Sportscasters: Sonny, Sam and Frank -- and I'm not even a big Redskins fan; Best TV News Sports Guy: Frank Herzog on WUSA -- he's always been able to tell great stories about people and sports you might otherwise not care about; Worst TV News Sports Guy: Jess Atkinson -- need I say more?

From Radio Free Bel Air:
My picks...this and a 2 bucks buys a Grande coffee at starbucks. Happy Holidays.... Can't do the "worst", we're all in the talent business.


From Lori, Damascus, MD:
Best DC Radio: 97.1 deserves kudos for the Christmas songs all month long. Sure beats what they usually play! 94.7 also plays a good variety..... Worst DC Radio: 99.5 - 'nuff said. WJFK - I can't pick up the station's crappy signal in my office, and I really miss hearing Don & Mike every afternoon on my drive home. Opie and Anthony can't hold a candle to D&M..... Worst ownership group: Clear Channel. Seems their corporate goal is to have every station be a clone of each other. And those "nation-wide" contests are so obnoxious! We'll forego the really big prizes, just give us a fighting chance to win SOMETHING on our local radio stations!.... Best DC TV: WTTG evening news. Simply the best weather team in the area with Sue Palka and Stacy Donaldson. (Poor Laura Evans, always out in the cold and rain. At least she has a warm leather jacket this year.) WRC also has a good afternoon newscast. Liz Crenshaw always has the most interesting segments. It's nice to see Tony Pann from Baltimore back on the airwaves doing weather on WUSA..... Worst DC TV: Barbara Harrison in the mornings on WRC. Maybe she needs glasses or something, but this woman cannot read the teleprompter!! It is excruciating to watch her stumble through the newscast every morning. Replace her with Debbie Jarvis! WRC has lots of housecleaning to do - lets also get rid of annoying Chikage Windler and Jill Sorenson, along with Hillary Howard from WUSA - this lady is way too perky for the early morning.....

Big Smooth Here:
Once again it's time for another exciting year end edition of Best/Worst. Much has happened since last year, the biggest event of which, we all know, was September 11th. Before I give my best worst, I just want to give serious props to WTOP and WJFK for the way they handled the entire ordeal. WTOP for giving us continued information in the hours and days following the attacks, and WJFK and it's on-air talent, specifically Don & Mike and Opie & anthony for allowing people to call in and vent their sorrows and frustrations in a manner many never thought possible. Thanks to all for helping during another Day of Imfamy in our nation's history. Now, with that said, let's get to the meat of the subject.
Best Station: WJFK, DC101, WARW, WTOP Best Radio Decision: Saying bye to the ratings cancer that is the G-Man on WJFK. Listen, I thought sometimes he was entertaining, but if he were dog poop and ratings were flies, they'd be at another staion at that time..... Best Morning Drive: Elliot in the Morning - DC101. Consistantly the most entertaining show to drive to work to. Better than Stern or Jack Diamond anyday. KML on 98Rock. Still going strong after all these years...... Best Midday: Who else but the best show on the airwaves for the last 16 years, DON & MIKE. Never a dull moment. May they reign supreme wherever they may roam. LONG LIVE THE KINGS!!!!!!!..... Best Afternoon Drive: I admit it. I like Opie and Anthony. Yeah they can be pigs and be obnoxious, so what. They tell it like it is and that's all there is to it. If you don't like it, turn the knob. As far as them tanking in the ratings, remember...not everyone liked Don & Mike at first...... Best Evening Show: The Sports Junkies. Funny, crazy, silly, and local. You can't beat the Junks at night...... Best TV News Anchor: Mike Buchanan. You can't beat Buch..... Best Weather: Doug Hill...... Best Sports: Dave Feldman. Geoarge is too old and boring, Rene's too laid back, and Jess is a dork. Feldman done a great job taking over 5's sports head.....

Worst Station: Hot99.5, WHFS (Needs a talent overhaul desperately, and I mean now) Worst Radio Decision: No not Don & Mike moving. It's Clear Channel going to taped programming for overnights on most of their stations. Also playing all Christmas music for over a month. I love the holidays, but it's a bit too much..... Worst Morning Drive: WHFS. Without a doubt the worst morning program in the area. Boring, talentless crap that a monkey could do in his sleep. Gina Crash's voice sounds like a car crash. My God! Also, Stern out of general principle. And Jack Diamond. enough said...... Worst Midday: Here I'll be honest. I couldn't tell you a worst because I listen to the best in Don & Mike everyday. NEXT!..... Worst Afternoon Drive: Once again WHFS. These clowns in the afternoon couldn't produce good radio if you held a gun to their head. Pathetic!..... Worst TV News Anchor. NBC4's Sunday anchor crew. Mil Arcega needs to buy himself some lips with which to speak properly. (The one highlight is Chikage Windler when she's there. HI!)..... Worst Weather: News Channel 8..... Worst Sports: I won't necessarily call it worst, but I just have a hard time with George Michael and his big fake teeth anymore. Go raise your horses and let Wally take the reigns, George...... Finally, for Most Annoying Personality I have to go with Holly Morris on the Fox5 Morning Show. If I have to look at here face go on one more Ballroom Dancing lesson or make another snow man, I'm gonna be sick.
Here's to bigger and better things in 2002. Have a great New Year's evereybody!!

Definitely the best radio station out there is WRNR-FM in Annapolis. They play a very unique blend of rock, blues, reggae, and folk music by artists that have stood the test of time. Reminds me a little of the old HFS, only better.

Aaron Rehkopf, WPOC:
*Best reason to turn on Baltimore Radio: Laurie DeYoung-WPOC (Whaddya think I was gonna say? You want fair and balanced? Watch FOX.)
*Reason to turn off Baltimore Radio: Ain't no good blues outlets nearby (WEAA from 3-4 AM is good, but just isn't enough!)
*Best reason to turn on Baltimore TV: Jayne Miller. All others are pretenders. 'Nuff said.
*Reason to turn off Baltimore TV: "BREAKING NEWS" that's hours old and is only "breaking" because the video crew just happened to be close by and caught cop cars speeding around.
*News Hound I want on my team: John Patti, WBAL-AM...Charlie Hustle with a minidisc and telephone.
*Voice I could listen to all day: Maria Dennis, Mix 106.5. *Best Ownership Group: Clear Channel. God, I love this job! (OK...I may not be objective, but I'm not an idiot, either!)

Best Radio: WTOP. With this wacky weather how else am I going to know what coat to grab? Then after sticking with TOP long enough to find out whether the world has blown up Z-104 has an original concept. Playing music. Good music. Music without a bunch of ads...... Worst Radio: WTNT. People are supposed to listen to this ?!?...... Worst TV move: Channel 9 dropping 4pm news..... Worst TV Sports guy: George Michael. Stop shouting at me ! ..... Worts TV weather claim: Bob Ryan trying to convince me his weather radar is as good as Doug Hill's..... Worst cable channel: Bloomberg. A billionaire ought to be able to do better !

Fred J:
The Best and Worst in Baltimore:
Best: Most of the changes Infinity made: WQSR on a stronger signal, an urban competitor to WERQ, leaving WLIF alone, spicing up MIX-1065 a bit. The new sound of WOCT. WCBM and WWLG, not for their format or talent, but because they are still locally owned in a marked dominated by Infinity and Clear Channel.
Worst: Baltimore is once again without a CHR, leaving listeners to tune to York (WYCR), or, worse yet, DC's Hot 99.5 (see below). Linda Sherman dumped from WQSR.
The Best and Worst in DC:
Best: I don't listen often to this format, but you have to hand it to WPGC--they always find a way to stay on top. WTOP news. WHUR, still locally owned and surviving without Tom Joyner.
Worst: Hot 99.5. What are they? Not quite a CHR, not quite 'PGC, and not really listened to. WMAL--does anyone think to turn to them anymore when they need news and information fast? There's hardly anything local left. WTEM--I love sports; I should at least like this station. I tried listening, really, really tried, but I can't stay tuned in. Changes at WJFK. I tried listening to O&A and couldn't last more than 15 minutes at a time. What garbage!

Best overall stations: WTOP, WPGC Most informative: WTOP (duh!) Most entertaining: WJFK..... Most underachieving: WHFS, WIHT, WTEM Most bland: Z104 Most in need of new imaging: WMAL..... Best shows: Stern, O & A– WJFK; Michael Savage, Art Bell– WTNT; Loveline– WHFS..... Worst shows: Imus, Tom Martino– WTNT; Dr. Laura, Victora Jones– WMAL.... Best weekend shows: AT 40 Flashback– WASH; Open House Party– WBQB; Backtracks USA– WRQX, WINC; Rick Dees– WIHT, WINC; DJ Flex– WPGC Best DJ's: Weasel, Cerphe DC market Overall: C

Steve in Annapolis:
Best Morning Show: Howard Stern... Best Night Show: DJ Bee on the X105 gets my vote...and before B102.7 got dropped...Priestly was pretty good. Best Station: X105.7 gets my nod..good overall sound.... Worst Morning Show: Jo Jo and Kenny...these guys are not funny. Worse Afternoon Show: Fast Jimi Roberts on Mix 106.5 a real bore fest. Worse Night Show: The Night guy on Mix 106.5....where's the personality? Worst Station: It's a tie between Mix 106.5...and WHFS Both stations are boring, uncreative attempts at major market radio.


The Best -- WTOP Radio is doing a terrific job, my vote for the best. The Worst -- WMAL Radio and WJFK tied for worst.

Scott from Damascus:
Best music station: 100.7-What an idea-A radio station that actually plays music! Sorry, but I don't need a chatty morning DJ telling me the latest gossip about Brittney Aguilera's belly lint. It's a great blend of the old and the new. Most improved goes to 104.3 with their expanded playlist. I even heard A Flock of Seagulls! That's good...in small doses...... Best current music station: 97.1-OK, I'm a nut for the Christmas stuff. Thank God for the music, because the weather certainly isn't getting me in a holiday mood...... Worst music station: 98.7 WMZQ-"Coming up we have Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and the new one by...Tim McGraw" Geez, there's more to life than country's current megacouple. You know, country's been around for decades! Would it kill them to play a classic, let along something from say 1999!..... Runner up goes to 99.1 WHFS. Hey, man, it used to be about the music! How about playing some music that contains a hint of creativity. Is it me or is Better Than Ezra, Matchbox 20, and The Goo Goo Dolls the same band? Don't get me started on Limp Bizkit and their clones. Oh, I get it now. You're upset! Where's Soundgarden when you need them? By the way, it goes without saying that 99.5 really takes the top prize. What passes for music today truly saddens me..... Best news: Channel 5 (WTTG): Can only speak for late evening broadcasts (have to catch the Simpsons hour at 6:00!). News at 10 (it's an hour long!) for me is the best thing since Big League Chew. Also, Laura Evans sure has purdy hair...... Worst news: Channel 5 (WTTG): OK, they can get a little corny. Since it's an hour, they tend to have fluff stories mixed in with the good stuff. And stop giving Noel Tucker caffeine before his pieces..... Best Ownership group: huh?..... Worst Ownership group: Take your pick. How about some variety? Take some risks. One failed format probably won't kill you. Clear Channel's Jammin' Oldies looked like a good idea, but when you play the same 12 songs over and over, that nervous twitch in my eye starts up again..... Glad I got this off my chest. Love your site!

John in Annandale:
Best TV news: Channel 4
Best TV Anchors: Barbara Harrison, Susan Kidd and Jim Vance
Best AM Radio Station: WTOP
Best FM Radio Station: WQSR
Worst TV News: Channel 7
Worst AM/FM radio: All Clear Channel Stations
What DC needs most: A station that plays the standards!

From News Junkie in Damascus:
Best overall: WTOP ... a class operation
Best AM: Moss and Day on WTOP
Best Mid-day: Bruce Alan ... a complete pro
Best PM: Shawn and Diane on WTOP
Best Sports Anchor: Frank Hanrahan on WTOP
Best Business reporter (Radio or TV): Jeff Clabaugh ... he knows his stuff and makes any business news listenable
Best Traffic: tie between Lisa Baden and Bob Marbourg
Best AM news team: ABC7 ... anchors and set have the feel of a prime time show
Best Afternoon and Evening news team: NBC4
Best Anchor: Doreen Gentzler
Best Weather: Doug Hill and his Super Doppler
Best Sports: George Michael
O&A ... I challenge myself from time to time to listen to them in my car for more than a city block and can never quite meet the challenge; they're sophomoric -- not creative (Yes, I too am a Dweeb)
WTEM...This is a sports/talk station? And while we're on sports ... whoever is running sports programming at Comcast needs to find another line of work. Very weak.
Barbara Harrison ... probably a nice person but she's painful to watch as an anchor.
NBC4's early morning news block. The set is unimaginative and dated. The anchors LOOK and ACT uncomfortable with each other and the format.

Ricki in Tampa:
I vote for Infinity as the worst group for leaving the Soft AC format to CC to screw up. Infinity proved nothing by taking 94.7 to Classic Rock

best weekender me Mike Klein at Z104

Mr. Tom Major:
Best Anchor/Reporter
4 Jim Vance, Doreen Gentzler, Jim Handley, Joe Krebs
5 Amy Robach and Michael Gargiulo Tracey Neale, Mike Landess
7 Don Hudson, Carol Costello, Kathleen Mathews, Dale Soley, Susan Roberts
9 All of them
Best Weather
4 Bob Ryan, Tom Kierein
5 Steve Rudin
7 Dan Henry, Alexandra Steele
9 Howard Bernstein, Keith Marlor, Tony Pann, Topper Shutt (all excpet Hillary)
Best Sportscaster
4 George Michael
5 haven't watched FOX 5 enough
7 Greg Toland
9 They're all good especially with Frank being with Buck in the morning with the tone of voice
Best Radio
Well most of the time my radio is always set at Mix 107.3 or Smooth Jazz 105.9
Best Mornings
Jack Diamond on Mix 107.3 WRQX
Jacqui Allen / Leigh Hamilton on Smooth Jazz 105.9
Howard Stern on WJFK
Mark and Kris on Hot 99.5
Murphy and Cash on 98.7 WMZQ
Scott Brady on 97.1 WASH
Worst Mornings
DC101 (mainly for doing these dumb stunts like on the white house lawn)
99.1 WHFS (always annoying)
Best Middays
Celeste Clark on Mix 107.3
Al Sanots on Smooth Jazz 105.9
Jim London/Carol Munse on 98.7 WMZQ
Don and Mike on 106.7 WJFK
Dr Laura on 630 WMAL
Best Afternoons
Mike Kaufman on Mix 107.3
Opie and Anthony on 106.7 WJFK (GOTTA LOVE EM)
Jon Anthony on 98.7 WMZQ
Jay Lang on Smooth Jazz 105.9
Sean Hannity / Chris Core on 630 WMAL
Worst Afternoons
Loo Katz on 97.1 (get him off of there)
Best Evenings
Van Niece Johnson on Smooth Jazz 105.9
Worst Evenings
Jason Pullman (current night man on Mix 107.3)
Best Overnights
Dave Linn / Spanky / Blake Allen on Mix 107.3
Tom Grooms on Smooth Jazz 105.9
Best weekend program
Retro Saturday Night hosted by my man Chris Roth and Backtrax USA hosted by Kid Kelly both on Mix 107.3
Best Radio Company
ABC Radio
Worst Radio Company
Clear Channel (cutting overnights well duh)

Al in Springfield:
Best TV: Fairfax Channel 10. Yeah, I know it's local cable access, but they're doing things nobody else is, and on zero budget. The fact they're surrounded on all sides by ComCast (Ch 10 is a Cox operation) and holding their own speaks volumes. The station is in need of a serious technical upgrade to eliminate jumpy tape playback and crappy audio, but they still have my nod..... Best Laugh-Out-Loud radio: The Tom Gavin Show, promoted heavily on D&M and heard on Fairfax Channel 37 and the Net. You never know when Tom will stop one song in the middle only to play another he likes better, and one can only wonder whose promo or personal liner he'll play in his own show, claiming it as his own. He's only on 1X week on Thursdays, but its worth missing work to hear it...... Best Radio Group: Salem (WAVA). They stay true to their mission, avoid kneejerk reactions to frivolous trends and don't mess with over-researched formatics. They profitably run 4 stations between B'more, DC and Richmond, and are programming 3 XM channels from their Arlington studios. Plus, they value their workers highly. It doesn't matter if Christianity isn't your bag - these guys are doing it right for their audience and employees...... Christmas Wish: Give The Greaseman a morning shift anywhere in DC. Some bits may be older than anthracite coal and we can almost predict the punchline 1/2way into a gag. But he's still fresher than talentless voicetracked backsells that are MP3'd in from out west by some guy named "Dave St. Peters" or "Kevin Taylor". We need to laugh again and DC needs a dose of pfft! right about now. I won't mention any worsts...everybody is doing the best they can, given the resources ($) and brainpower running the joints, and whatever ironclad contracts are in place keeping crummy talent from getting the heave-ho. Nobody is consciously _TRYING_ to suck, but constraints always cause some degree of suckitation --- can't be helped. (Yes, I said "suckitation." The word was just begging to be invented.)

John in Reston:
Best D.C. Radio News Operation: WTOP..... Only D.C. Radio News Operation: WTOP..... Most Under-Utilized GM: Jim Farley of WTOP. Bonneville should put him in charge of fixing Z104. Managerial skill in radio is rarely format-specific. He has the ability to make Z104 fly...... Most Improved Radio Station: WQSR..... Best Oldies Signal in D.C.: WQSR with WARW a close second..... Radio Station to Watch for More Growth: WQSR (So help me Hilsinger, all they need to do is continue to obey the "First Law of Engineering -If it a'int broke, don't f--- with it!")..... Most Unusual Radio Programming Decision: Cheap Channel turning Art Bell's Internet audio feed into "pay to listen"...... Close second: The loss from the Internet of so many American radio broadcast stations due to the AFTRA situation. Hopefully, the next contract round will see this fixed to everybody's benefit -Management, Artists (They're more than 'announcers'), and the worldwide Internet listening audience. WMAL's Best Chance at Regaining Credibility as a Viable Radio Station: Hire Pat Goss ("Goss's Garage) from WJFK. Do it before WTOP does..... Worst Broadcast TV News: 9EWN & WJLA -tie..... Worst TV News: Newschannel 8 They reek of cheap. NC8 makes WCIV look major market. However, I've also seen "CN8" on my travels to Philly. Had Comcast bought them (Newschannel 8), I don't think it would've improved a lot!.... Worst Group Owner: Cheap Channel. They've done to all of radio what Delco did to AM radio back in the 1970's. They've destroyed it..... Most Under-Achieving Group Owner in D.C.: CBS/Infinity. Putting WQSR onto a frequency with some D.C. coverage is a good start. Now, finish the job!..... Best D.C. TV News Anchor: Mike Buchanan, WUSA..... Worst D.C. TV Anchor: Gurvir Dinhdsa, WUSA ..... Best Christian Radio Station: WRBS (WFAX would be a close second if they added an Internet simulcast).... Worst Christian Radio Station: WAVA Infomercials in the name of God border on blasphemy. (Royal Jelly as an example.) They should also do more preaching and less politicing. Shining stars: Rich Lee, Janet Parschall, and Don Crow. What WAVA really needs is a John Rivers like they (Salem) have in Dallas..... Best Cable Channel Not Carried on Any D.C. Area CATV: SCOLA. You would think that between the internationally cosmopolitan community and the number of colleges and universities around here, someone would carry SCOLA. But, nope...... Ultimate "Weakest Link" contestants: Laura Schlessenger, Opie & Anthony, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity..... Dumbest Decision Overall: TV stations holding CATV subs hostage for payment of unreasonable and outrageous carriage fees and arrangements. The current system of Retransmission Consent and Must-Carry is a joke. CATV's (And, the DBS folks) should be free to carry to their subscribers whatever signals their equipment is capable of receiving. In the case of "Retransmission Consent", if the local net affiliate won't grant consent to a CATV, the CATV should be free to carry another affiliate of that net. For the satellite folks, they should be free to re-transmit every broadcast station they carry throughout the country. Likewise, both CATV and DBS should be free to carry any broadcast TV signal from anywhere in the world. Worst Technical Innovation: DTV and satellite "pay radio". I think everybody is being too optimistic about the phase-out of NTSC. While the build rate is continuing, the rate of receiver penetration is declining. If the receiver manufatcturers felt DTV was going to make it, they'd have a broad range of DTV receivers -Not just in their high-end models. As for satellite radio, why should I pay $300 (and up) for the receiver and $10 per month for the same radio I now get for "free"?.... Best DCRTV Poster: Jack Rowzie! My late father served on the MPD force when Jack was on it. When we'd listen to Jack on WWDC while driving around, he told me a lot about the guy. He's the type of Christian broadcaster that WAVA really needs programming the place. I pray that Jack may long continue to share with us younger folks (I'm 45, soon to be 46) his memories of the business "in the good old days", his wisdom, and his faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Rick the Rat in Stafford:
Hello fellow message board "dweebs" (which Opie and Anthony called (on 12/14/01) those of us who read and/or write to this board. Here's my list of best of/worst of.
Local TV - First, it was really difficult to come up with bests here (in Washington). I, like others, think that for being the nation's Capitol, where news is extra critical, local TV news coverage's stinks. Most of the on-air people are forgettable and except for a couple of exceptions lack any personality or on camera "presence". From what I've been able to see, Baltimore has DC really beat on this...... News Operation: NBC4 (WRC) (not because of their on-air people)..... Newscaster: Andrea Roane (WUSA) (also least appreciated).....
Station: WTOP It used to be WJFK but since that station has gone into the dumper and TOP constantly improving, for me there's no other choice. The people at WTOP have made some wonderful moves in improving their product. 1st and foremost dumping the Baltimore Orioles baseball games. I give Jim Farley and his crew thumbs up for having the balls to actually listen to their audience and dump programming that had been on their station for years. The station sounds much more consistent and much easier to listen without the boring play by play of an already passé sport. WTOP provides thorough and up to the minute news and information and packages it with personality and panache. Good job 'TOP you get the golden radio button...... Newscasters: MIke Moss and Richard Day - WTOP These guys along with keeping you informed also entertain. They make listening to news fun...... Traffic: Again, to the team at WTOP. Even though Lisa Baden's voice at 6A can sound like nails on a chalkboard at times (your favorite station doesn't play swonnnnnngs) her cheerful fun loving personality shines through and gets you to smile. TOP's traffic is at least relevant. You know you're getting the latest, freshest and relevant information, unlike other stations that might as well keep re-running one tape...... Weather: Ditto above..... Music Station: With results of the 1996 Telecommunications Act firmly in place, with very few exceptions, other stations (especially Clear Channel Stations) pretty much suck. All mindless, soulless, corporate, over researched, cookie cutter crap, playing the same awful garbage. Personalities for the most part are lackluster, transparent and non-relevant. And, yes I know that this can be relative with age (and I am a late boomer), but the only music station I can tolerate anymore is WARW - Classic Rock. The recent passing of George Harrison and the excellent job they did that day in paying tribute to an important artist of our era. But even then one can only tolerate their constant playing of Fleetwood Mac music for so long. Every time I tune in it's either Fleetwood Mac or Stevie Nicks... ugh!!!..... Music Station On-Air Personality: Cephe- WARW.... He cuts through the cookie cutter/corporate mentality and brings the listener a taste of why we used to listen to the radio. He blends personality with good music without having to go over the edge...... Talk Station: No other choice WJFK (see below as well) there's no other competition, really. WTEM, WTNT, WMAL.... yeah sure in your dreams...... Talk Station On-Air Personality: Despite DC listeners getting screwed big time... the crown remains with Don n' Mike..... Honorable Mention: WAMU - Thanks for dropping the S kicking Bluegrass crap for News and Talk. Welcome to the 21st century......

Station: As I mentioned above, Local TV in DC is beyond awful they all pretty much suck and I really don't tune in as much anymore, but if I were to narrow it down to one it would be hands down WJLA-TV7. What's the deal with this station? Talk about a waste of airwaves. There's nothing memorable or watchable as far as local product is concerned. A soulless, faceless desert. Damn, forget CPR, call the undertaker...... Newscaster: Tie between Barbara Harrison and Maureen Bunyon......
Station: Most of the stations except those mentioned above... especially anything owned by Clear Channel (no I never worked for them). They might as well air a 1kHz test tone. As effects of the 1996 telecommunications Act continue to spread and control and operation of our radio stations continue to be operate by fewer and fewer people, commercial radio as we know it will be completely irrelevant. Operations such as XM could prove to be the true future of broadcasting...... Gone into the crapper: WJFK... Take a station that serves a wide demographic and has for the most part excellent, consistent and successful programming and then trash the heck out of it and you've got the Einstein's that have destroyed WJFK. I can barely listen to it anymore. Opie and Anthony over Don n' Mike "....what, are you on drugs?" Taking an afternoon program that has consistently been #1 in all major demographics and replacing it with a piece of crap that has taken it to #14 in three months, bwah ha hah ha!..... Talk Station On-Air Personality: (joining the majority of DCRTV "dweebs") Hands down by a mile Opie and Anthony. Now, when the changes first occurred at WJFK in what has since become known as Black August, I was anxious to hear what all the fuss was over Opie and Anthony. I really really wanted to like them and that they would well and for the first couple of week I liked them and even wrote this board saying give them a chance they're not bad. However exposure to these two pinheads over a period of time can change the minds and sour the stomachs of even the most tolerant. These two amateurish wannabe's truly truly suck! No redeeming qualities to speak of. This is the future of radio? God help us all. I'm on my knees begging... PLEASE! NO MORE TORTURE! PLEASE BRING BACK DON N' MIKE to afternoons!..... (Dis) Honorable Mention: I have to give this one to the good ole boys at WGRX in Falmouth/Fredericksburg. After a lot of initial hype, bravado and chest pounding... this station has absolutely disappeared into the ether. Country/Rock format? What is this 1979? You bringing in the Marshall Tucker Band and Molly Hatchet? WGRX is going to kick WFLS' butt... yeah, in your dreams. Consistently in the cellar of your own exclusively rated local market. All bravado and no substance... Hey, give the license to someone who knows what they're doing and shut the switch off and conserve energy......

Thanks, Dave, for the chance to say my piece.

This is sort of a combination of posts, so bear with me:
Worst Crybabies: Opie and Anthony. I heard them complaining about their ratings on the radio today, and while I can stand their show when they're not doing stupid crap, today they started laying into their DC audience -- at which point I had to change stations. Don and Mike were right -- Ken Stevens was a jerk for letting these two get out of New York. "You guys suck."..... Least Improved Stations: #1: Hate to say it, but it's WJFK. The station that was so listenable in 2000 and early 2001 has become a mishmash now, with Don and Mike on at midday, O&A ruining PM drive, and the Junkies having become old hat. Give us the old schedule back! (Don and Mike still have the best show on the station, btw. what Infinity did to them was inexcusable.)..... #2: I'm agreeing with Jim C. (my younger brother btw) on Clear Channel. I listened to "HOT 99.5" a few times since its inception, and it's THE worst piece of teenybopper crap to hit DC radio in years. We need a REAL, 1980s-style Top 40 station here, sort of like the old WAVA, or how Q94 was before Edens was swallowed into the Clear Channel monster. As for DC101, I gave up on them a long time ago. Seems like every time I tune in, they're playing something that was popular when I was in high school -- and the new stuff they play is atrocious...... Best stations: #1: WTOP. No argument here. Easily the best-run station in Washington...and when they do play music, they do it with style. :D..... #2: WAMU. A weird choice, but they have Public Interest and the bluegrass shows, two kinds of radio that are hard to find anywhere these days.

Scott James from Annapolis (Edgewater) - a DC commuter:
Mornings: DC101's Elliott and WTOP. I flip between the two.
Afternoons: John Ballard of DC101 and again WTOP.
Honorable mention : 98 Rock's KML Morning Show - I like 'em when they aren't talking Oriols and Ravens, which unfortunately is most of their show.
Best music - WRNR (even though they don't play "The Damned".)
Best Traffic - WTOP - WTOP also has the best news and weather. Class act.
Biggest improvement - Z104. Now I can tolorate them!
Station that best serves its area - WNAV. They ARE Annapolis!
Best Large Owner - I cringe sying this - but Bonneville for giving us WTOP and WGMS. Even Z104 is OK now.
Mornings - WHFS - Just makes me cringe.
Playlist - WARW - There really is more than 3 Led Zep songs....
Traffic - WCEI - With that signal you would thing that they would guide me to work, but nope, only up to Annapolis (where the traffic begins).
Worst Syndicated - A toss-up between Imus and Don and Mike. Imus is for geeks, and D&M is just not for me.
Biggest waste of space: WZBA and WOCT. Voice tracked with tiny playlists (size does matter!). Why even bother?!
Worst sports - Navy on WNAV and Caps on WTEM (I think they're on WNAV too)
Worst Large Owner - Radio One for giving us hate-talk on WOL/WOLB, and violence on WERQ.

my favorite talk station is wmal,favorite dj's is andy parks and chris core, favorite music station is wgms,favorite news station is wtop. favorie traffic reporter is leslie baden of wtop,she does it right and you can understand her.johnny holiday is my favorite local college sports talker,and of course we can't forget sonny,sam,andfrank for the skins they are great.favorite talk show host is rush. my favorite news man is paul harvey.

Caryn Sahar:
best - The best radio show this past year was Randi Martin's show on WASH FM. Worst - Dumping Randi for Lou Katz . What's up with that????

Daryl in Annandale:
Best newscaster: Barbara Harrison. WRC is lucky to have Miss Harrison on the team. Honorable mention to Doreen Gentzler. The entire WRC news staff is excellent. Best radio station: WQSR in Baltimore. Worst TV news: News Channel 8...it looks cheap. Worst radio stations: All of the Clear Channel stations.

Kevin, Annapolis MD:
best radio station 103.1 WRNR Radio Annapolis. A great radio station and a standout in the region..... Worst radio station 99.1 Whfs Another "Annapolis" station. I recently replaced hfs with Baltimore 104.3 on my car radio preset. HFS has become so annoying that I cant listen to it anymore.....

Mike S. in Arlington:
Best Radio Show - hands down, Don and Mike. I have been listening to them since they started on WAVA in 1985 and haven't stopped listening. I think the listeners that are very loyal will stick with them. These guys are constantly funny, try new things, and now with the new time slot, will get bigger ratings in the bigger markets. They have owned Washington D.C. in every slot they have got in and I am sure in the next ratings book, they will take # 1..... Morning Drive - Don't listen to any of them because they are all lousy. WASH-FM made the worst moves first by getting rid of Bill & Kim and then when Randi Martin was doing good in her time slot, moving her to morning and letting her go. What's up with that? No wonder why their ratings have slipped!.... I have to give props to Glenn Hollis for his weeknight feature of "After Hours" - been listening to it since '98 and it is very well done..... TV station wise - Channel 4, when you have the same team, the 6 PM team, stay together for ten years, that means something is being done right. Jim Vance is an icon in Washington, and I hope he never leaves..... Worst station - 99.5 - please, what kind of music is that they play? Best station - 97.1 and 107.3. The major problem with Z104 is their signal is lousy, especially inside the Beltway. WTOP has that same problem.....

Jim C. in Arlington: Great job Dave! Lets do this rant first -
Worst: #1 - Sept. 11 and Osama-bin-Loser. I hope they get him this weekend, just in time for Christmas! #2 - Clear Channel. Not just their whole company (recent job cuts overnights and various other layoffs make DC101 sound like an MP3 playlist - absolutely no personality or class) but I must also bash "Hot" 99.5. It sounds more like a "Hot Urban" format station. Like they've tried to fuse 93.9 and Z104. They've taken the fun out of the format. They should take a hint from ABC's WDRQ in Detroit. #3 - A boo also goes out to the telecom status here in the DC area. My company just moved and is having a hell of a time getting any kind of internet access on Columbia Pike except for Covad DSL (currently in bankruptcy) or a really expensive T1 line (which are way below $500 out west). We can't even get a T1 until January - 45 days from ordering it!..... Best: #1 - The United States Military. I personally know 2 inactive and 1 active Marine. These guys kick ass! #2 - WTOP - Still the best, and they still don't play music. #3 - Z104 format change. They've pulled me from my usual flips between 101.1, 107.3, and 92.5, but they still need to add some of the older stuff (and a little more rock). Maybe they should bring back a little of the dance music in a nightly show too. Do these things and it will sound even better! This list could go on, but these are off the top of my head!

Eric - Former Radio guy who had to get out of the biz to keep is sanity:
Favorite Radio Show - Sports Junkies & Opie And Anthony
Worst Radio Show - Don & Mike
Fave Radio Station - WTEM
Worst Radio Station - It's so hard to choose because they all seem to suck but the most disappointing is WHFS


From Gregg in DC:
Best show: Another vote for the continued brilliant Don & Mike show. Edgy, but still friendly as well after 16 years..... 2nd Best Show: Elliot. Reminds me of D&M 10 years ago, he tries. Worst show: OPIE AND ANTHONY. Hey, how bout replaying yesterday's show today? If these guys are as great as THEY say they are, how come I've never laughed once in three months?..... 2nd worst show: Jim Rome. P-U..... Best station: WTOP..... Worst station: WTNT.....

Best Morning Show: 98 rock's KML. These guys just sound like they are having a ball in there each morning. Almost a sure bet you're gonna get a genuine chuckle each morning..... WORST Morning Show: X105.7's Frank Ski. There is NO direction in this show (or any prep for that matter). Can someone TALK more yet SAY less?! What's the time again Frank?...sorry, I didn't catch the last 57 time updates last hour. News? The Afghan city of Jalalabad is pronounced "ja-LA-la-bad", not "jay-lu-bud". Another is Kandahar pronounced "CAN-da-har", not "can-DAY-her"...Come on Frank, do some prep.

Best Program Host: The best is Don Geronimo. In the face of everything Infinty has thrown at him, he and Mike O'Meara consistently do great radio. Even when they are in the sh*t with upper management they turn it into compelling radio..... Best Radio Station: WMAL-AM Where, but in a town full of naysayers and jackals who'll never be pleased at anything you do, can a station program such a controversial line-up and keep the town talking day after day. John Butler has only one splotch in the line-up and that is Dr. Laura. He would do well to find another news star from a fringe group like the Reform Party or the Libertarian Party and plug Dr. Laura's hole (in the schedule). The local hosts are top notch..... Worst Radio Station: WPFW-FM I know that Pacifica management is having some money problems, but they've got to pay more attention to the product. Stop talking over the music. It's not cool, it's not hip, and it ain't "old school". It's annoying. It's bad radio. If I tune in & hear the hosts talk about an artist I expect them to have enough respect for the artist to shut the hell up and let their music play. Stop shilling every 5 minutes, in the middle of a musical bridge, or over the opening vocals, just shut up. Don't play the legal ID over the middle of a song just because it's right at 00:00 and 30:00. And in the history of DC radio I've never heard so many who know so few try to associate themselves with so many jazz performers with the phrase "...my good friend...". It's verbal starf*cking and you all sound like amateurs. If you really want the monetary support for a REAL jazz station (not that soft ice cream crap called "smooth jazz") then broaden your playlist, train ! the announcers and act professional..... Best Station Imaging: The best station imaging in town is done by Bob Karson..... Worst Station Imaging: The deep voiced Johnny-One-Note at WJFK-FM and the monotone fake country twang on WMZQ-FM..... Best Media Idea: DCRTV Day in and day out it's the first stop on the web for hundreds of professionals and fans across the country. Dave Hughes gets a Golden Thumbs Up for his tireless effort. 2nd Best Media Idea: Johnny Holliday doing ANYTHING!.... Worst Media Idea: Nominating VOA product (which isn't legally allowed to be heard in the US) for an A.I.R. Award. You might as well have nominated the Newseum for originating programming from their auditorium that airs on C-Span and then has audio simulcast on C-Span Radio. Morons. 2nd Worst Media Idea: Allowing armchair amateurs to speculate on the littlest crap. When a weekend newscast is done from the newsroom, chances are they are fixing something in the main studio NOT building a whole new set. (If you had listened, the WRC newsanchor said this 4 freakin' times!) When a full-timer isn't on-the-air in late November or December it doesn't mean he's gone for good and a format change is coming, it means he's on v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n, gheesh!

The Truth:
Washington has bad radio, Worst has got to be the "Penis Tip Dialogues" (Use synonyms please) between Opie and Anthony. Sludge radio and all its glory. I heard they mentioned the award for being "the worst show in DC" on their program today. From what I understand, they were generally saddened. Well guys, in DC we don't think bringing out the strippers almost every day at 5:30 PM is riveting and creative radio. So, are you coming to DC to disrupt the flu shots Bonneville is giving away to many disadvantaged people?.... The Best is the talent of Don and Mike, the theatre of the mind approach to radio has so far been inimitable. Dianne Rehm and Kojo do a great job, and thank God we have the voice of advocacy in Mark Plotkin on WAMU. Best community service/promotion: Flu shots from Bonneville.

Worst station: Tough one: WCBM or WQSR? I'll go with Played-out oldies 102.7 WQSR. Dumping Morning gal Linda Sherman who was fun and syndicated Dick Bartley on Saturdays for pure dreck. Too many spots. Too much talk from jocks who have nothing to say. Weak signal since on the move on Baltimore's South and East sides. One word: Greed. Best personality: I'll with Goose-stepping WCBM's Les Kinsolving evenings 8-10. The man is nuts and right wing but unlike the others, he has a heart. If you can put up with his homophobia, he is very entertaining and makes some good points. He likes going to Presidential press conferences and goofs on Ari. He can't be all bad, can he?..... Favorite specialty show: Forgotten 45's with Alan Lee on WQSR. Every Sunday for 5 hours he put on one whale of a show. Lots of stuff I haven't heard on the radio in years. Numbers ain't bad I'm told. Worst TV News: Hands down 13 in Baltimore. They have no news. All of Baltimore's weirdness is on display and I don't mean Artie Donovan and John Waters. Wall to wall features and personality driven dung. News for idiots. Who should you feel worse for - the viewers or the advertisers whose agencies buy spots on their news shows?

I am a very loyal listener of the Don and Mike show and I absolutely HATE the Opie and Anthony show. It is ridiculous. Absolutely not funny, and now there is nothing to listen to from 3-7. It is seriously the most unfunny show I have ever heard. It is just bad radio. By the way I am a 20 year old male.

Steve Moore:
Overall Best Broadcaster: Johnny Holliday, whose autobiography hits the stores on Sept. 1, 2002....Best TV Anchors: Gordon Peterson, Jim Vance, and Wendy Reiger....Best TV Reporters: Dave Statter, Mike Buchanan, James Adams, and Pat Collins....Best Feature Reporting: Doreen Gentzler's "News 4 Your Health"...Best TV Weather: Doug Hill...Best TV Sports: George Michael and Jeff Atkinson...Best Radio SportsTalk: Tony Kornheiser....Best Traffic: Lisa Baden...Favorite Radio Personalities: Ed Walker, Cerphe, Goldie, Chris Core, David Burd, and Victoria Jones...Top Web Site: DCRTV...Best TV/Radio Performance by a University Coach: Tie between G. Williams and R. Friedgen... Worsts include WJLA losing Carol Costello to CNN, Randi Martin's abrupt exit, Rush losing his hearing, and Rush still on the radio.

Jason Hanna:
Best Radio Personality.. This is a vote for class. G. Gordon Liddy. All the crap that this man went through with his show being pulled from WJFK, moved to a crappy AM station, not knowing whether he still had a show for a while, and yet this man still took the time to call his affiliates, explain the situation to them, apologize for the lengthy run of "Best of" shows, and did not whine, moan or complain about his situation. Not a knock on D&M, but they could take a lesson from the G-Man on this.

Nick from Rockville and Boston:
Best: Channel 9 Morning Team (Buc and Andrea are the best), Ken Mease back on normal weekend times, 98 Rock Purple Sundays, Scott G and Tom Matte calling the Ravens games, HFS' Crash, Rob Timm, Pogo, and Tim Virgin, WQSR in Montgomery County, Doug Hill, DC101 Work Force Blocks and Two for Tuesdays, WEEKEND rock radio..... Worst: HFS's Graeme, 9's revolving door of weathermen, anchors, and reporters (the key word is familiarity, people!), Tom Davis on the Ravens SunSpot.net Pre and Post game shows, DC101's LeAnn Curtis on mid-afternoons (and Shock getting only 10-noon), The Ravens Radio Network taking out the "Raven Bird Call" from their program, DC101's Elliot, 'Its Your Fault', and 'Make it Stop'. 97.1 starting WAY too early, 95.5's self-promotional campaign, No more Stan the Fan!?!, Korie Rose (ha ha, just kidding)

Chris Saitta:
Worst Radio (show, station, ads, personalities, programming etc etc etc) ..Sports Talk 980. A pathetic excuse for sports radio hell a pathetic excuse for radio in general!!

Best - Tom Joyner morning show on 102.3 FM (WMMJ)

Best Radio Show: Again, Don & Mike. They are energized and sounding better than ever since their time slot change. The chemistry between these two remains amazing, and a great job of weaving Don's family - a GREAT relateable!- with Mike's impressions, listener involvement bits and calls, and the serious side when they neeed to - like the week of Sept 11th. However, it STINKS because of the show they were replaced with, the: Worst Radio Show: Opie & Anthony. Heavy with self important attitude, absolutely no shop prep involved, constantly replaying old tapes of stuff that wasn't funny the first time around. In three months they took Don and Mike's hard fought for #1 12+ ARB's (unheard of!) and turned them into #11, and still sliding..... Best AM Drive: WTOP, hands down..... Best Midday; Don & Mike..... Best PM Drive: tie! NPR/WTOP..... Best Nights: WPGC..... Best overall station: WTOP..... Worst overall station: Hot 99.5.

Ross A. Davis:
Best: Opie and Anthony: The best show to ever hit the DC airwaves. Don and Mike are tiresome and keep repeating themselves. Worst: Elliott in the Morning.

Overall Best Radio Station: WMAL (Am I the only one here who thinks so?)..... Best Local News Talk Radio Show: Victoria Jones, WMAL (I often disagree with her, but her show is substantive and witty)..... Best National News Talk Radio Show: Rush Limbaugh ( Still great and still ticking people off without his hearing)..... Best Local Sports Talk Radio Show: Sports Reporters, WTEM (The best of what I've been able to discover)..... Best National Sports Talk Radio Show: Tony Kornheiser Show (Entertaining in print and on the air)..... Best Handling of the death of George Harrison: Classic Rock 94.7 (Played all Beatles/Harrison music throughout the weekend).....

Chris in Woodbridge:
Best Radio Personalities: Don & Mike (After the O&A bomb, these guys just sound that much better)..... Best DJ: Tony "Mad Dog" Colter on WARW (I get the impression he enjoys music as much as I do--he reminds me of what rock DJs used to be like before the stations all started to suck)..... Best TV News: News4 at 6:00PM (Vance is starting to seem shaky to me, but it's still the best local news. These four have a natural interaction.)..... Worst Radio Personalities: Opie & Anthony (Just what we need, The Noo Yawk Amateur Hour...) ..... Worst DJ: "Meg" on 98Rock (The lady needs to lay off the smokes and speak up!!)..... Worst TV News: Fox5 at 10:00PM (They earn this just for getting rid of Morris Jones And His Hair. Morris is da man!! Plus, all the tabloid stories about dangerous household substances become comical after about the third one. Tracey Neale is worthy, however. Hope she gets better soon.)

I vote for K.T. Harris for best radio personality. And here is why: cold-dead-fish.com/rants/me_so_happy.htm

Allen Seth Dunn:
Best: Buck and Andrea co-anchoring together once again on 9EWN on the morning news slot..... Hillary Howard replacing Topper Shutt as morning weather anchorperson..... Another year of George and Sonny covering the Redskins..... Jim, Doreen, Bob, and George on the WRC's 6 PM News..... Doug Hill having a change of scenery (IOW, moving to WJLA)..... Brian [Strobel] and Penny [Wack] from 5 to 10 am on WFLS..... Kristin Nash from 10 am to 3 pm and Mike Vincent from 3 to 7 pm..... Seth Warner filling in for Carol Munse while Munse was on maternity leave..... WGRX FINALLY getting a website..... Worst: Rumored evening newscast on FOX 5 never developed..... 9EWN's monotonous 5 pm newscast..... 9EWN's problems replacing their departing talented reporters with other talented ones..... Clear Channel replacing overnight DJs with syndicated shows..... The awful DC area AM radio (WTOP being the lone exception)..... The seemingly never-ending sweeps runs by the PBS stations..... DC lacking a truly independent TV station (even NVC and NVT have certain specialties).....

Jeremy Powell - Alexandria, VA:
Best Local TV News Coverage: WRC hands down. Vance, Matthews, Gentzler, Ryan and Michaels are just the best at what they do.....Worst Local TV News Coverage: WTTG; Faux News at 10:00 is just the worst of tabloid trash. I'd rather watch re-runs of Voyager on WDCA..... Best Radio Morning Show: Tough call. I flip between Moss and Day on WTOP and Mark and Kris on Hot 99.5. How's that for cross-demo sharing? Moss and Day are simply pro's. Mark and Kris touch my inner juvenile in a way that I have a hard time describing. The Morning Mess team has real chemistry and they sound like they've forgotten what a Crappy Company they work for and have decided to have fun in spite of their corporate handlers.....Worst Radio Morning Show: Hands down: The McDonald's McMorning McDrive with McDylan and McErin on that hollow shell of a radio station known as Z104. Z stands for Zero chemistry, Zero fun; Bonneville would have done better to keep Rick Dee's..... Best Radio Air Talent: Seth Warner. WMZQ should bring Seth back in the PM drive where he belongs. Hearing him on weekends just isn't enough..... Worst Radio Air Talent: I know it's like stomping on the Holy Grail, but Albie Dee in the afternoons on Hot 99.5. Someone give that poor man a throat lozenge and remove about half of his saliva glands. It sounds like he's been gargling gravel and staring at a bowl of San Giorgio pasta.....Best PM Drive Air Talent: The whole crew at WTOP. Sean, Dianne and Bob do it the way it was meant to be done. Kudos guys! Honorable mention goes to "All Things Considered" on the NPR station of choice (usually WAMU, since they hit first when I "seek up" from WTOP's 107.7 frequency)..... Worst PM Drive Air Talent: The combination of Albie Dee until 6:00 (see above) and Carson Daily via voice track until 7:00. Carson Daily sounds so uninterested in doing radio. Leave the enormous ego on MTV where it belongs. Honorable mention for worst PM drive show: Opie and Anthony. Who ever had the idea that assholes make good radio talent?.... Best FM Coverage Area: WINC in Winchester. I can listen to them at my mother-in-laws house in Richmond, my home at Lake Anna, my apartment in Alexandria and at my previous office in Laurel, MD. Wow! It's amazing what 22Kw will do when you hoist it that high above the ground..... Worst FM Coverage Area: I realize this is objective, since it mostly depends on where you're listening from. Z104 spits and sputters just about everywhere inside the beltway, but not as much as the WTOP FM signal. Especially between Tyson's and Route 50 along I-495. Maybe Bonneville should flip that oh-so-boring AC format over to the 107.7 signal and then make WTOP a QUAD-cast! WTOP, 1500AM, 820AM, 104.1FM and 103.9FM. That'd be cool - even if it made the legal unbearable..... As always Dave: Love your show babe! OK, so I stole that from Jack D. Sue me.

Sam in Rockville:
Best radio station: WINC-FM. Nice to hear a hot-AC station that's not afraid to mix in some Destiny's Child, N'Sync, Blu Cantrell, etc. WINC helps fill the void left by Z104 and B102.7..... Best deejay: Roche on DC101. Worst decision: Clear Channel on WIHT. Instead of bringing something new to DC airwaves (such as 80's, AAA, Standards) they bring us a lousy imitation of Z104, and try to win listeners using dumb stunts and jokes about 104's weak signal..... Worst station: WAVA. If I wanted to hear talk on FM (which I don't), I'd much sooner tune to WJFK. It's unfortunate that a strong FM signal is wasted on a station whose ratings are practically nonexistant. Maybe someday Emmis will buy this one back and bring back the old WAVA (unlikely, I know)

best: WJFK Buzz Burbank a.k.a. Mike Elliston for his nearly non stop coverage and human sensitivity for 96 hours post Sep 11 In the same league as Edward R. Morrow I AM NOT JOKING.....Worst: WJFK management for firing Liddy The ratings slump reflect their folly Worst : WJLA for dumping Politically Incorrect. That IS the name of the show, duh !!!

John in Westminster:
WORST DECISIONS:1. Not renewing Baltimore TV 2 news anchor icon STAN STOVALL's contract...... 2. Ditto for Baltimore's Fox 45's 10pm news person Deborah W..... 3. Same for WQSR's Linda Sherman..... 4. Hiring:the following light weights for tv: Tony Pann's wife doing fox 45 weather, Stan Stovall's replacement, Dennis K doing TV 2 weather, Roosevelt G doing news at TV 2..... BEST DECISIONS:1. FOX TV 45's weather guy Kirk Clyat leaving Baltimore for PA..... WORST TALK SHOW HOST: WBAL'S Bruce Elliott..... Worst sounding Baltimore radio station and staff: WWLG (hands down)..... Worst TV appearance: Goldie on PBS gushing over (and can he gush) with inaccurate oldies artist information when public tv does their pledge a thons...not to mention Johnny Dark still shouting after all these years.

Wesley McGee:
Best Local TV News overall -- WRC 4. -- Comprehensive, accurate, and professional. Though it's beginning to rest on its laurels. Honorable Mention: WTTG 5..... Most Improved Local TV News -- WJLA 7 Moving from inconsequencial to a major player takes effort..... Best Local Radio News -- WTOP ..... Best Local News Single Program -- Tie: WTTG 5 "Fox Morning News", WUSA 9 "Eyewitness News at 9am" ..... Best National News Program -- "The Daily Show w/ Jon Stewart"..... Best National News Network -- MSNBC, They did a little deeper, and ask a few more questions that the others...... Best Anchor: Jim Vance. Honorable Mentions: Andrea Roane, Mike Buchanan, Maureen Bunyan...... Best Weather -- Doug Hill..... Best Local Personality to Make It Nationally -- Derek McGinty on ABC World News Now...... Best Station Graphics Redesign -- WBDC 50.... Creative Promotion -- WUSA 9 "Words of Wisdom"..... Worst Local TV News Overall -- WUSA 9 Who's up on 9? I dunno, do you? Shall we spend money on more segment graphics next year, while firing more of the crew? How the mighty 9 has fallen. Dishonorable Mention -- NewsChannel 8.... Worse Local TV News Program -- WUSA 9 "Eyewitness News at 5" Where's the pacing. -- Dishonorable Mention -- WRC 4 "News 4 Today." Elocution, my fair lady..... Worse National News -- CNN..... Dishonorable Mention -- Fox News..... Bad Conduct Becoming of a Executive--Roger Ailes, Fox News -- The king of the cheap shot. Dishonorable Mention Walter Isaacson bootlicking Republicans in Congress so they don't think CNN has a leftist bias..... Number of articles in Washington Post I remember with major focus on local stations in 2001 -- about 15..... Worse conduct becoming of a station -- WJLA 7 for in general being the preemption king (no movie too old, or special too inconsequencial for ABC 7 to slap it in place of a more popular network show), and specifically for pulling "Politically Incorrect" for living up to its name.

despised personality - How about Elliot in the morning. And Gary Micheals at WKMZ.

Radioguy in DC:
Best traffic reporter: Lisa Baden, Bob Marboug (tie). Check out their pictures on wtopnews.com !..... Best TV reporter: Pat Collins..... Best Radio reporter: Kristi King..... Best Radio station: WTOP, WARW (another tie)..... Best TV: ABC 7. Much improved...... Best weather guy: Doug Hill on both ABC 7 and WTOP Radio..... Worst TV News: Channel 9. What happened ?!?.... Worst Radio station: WMAL, WWRC, WTNT (3-way tie). How bad can the AM dial get ?!?..... Worst way to treat a good reporter: Fox 5 for making Paul Wagner disappear. He used to be a regular, breaking news on WTOP. Fox has hidden him away !..... Final note: thanks for DCRTV. Can't believe the Post and Wash Times totally ignore radio and barely cover local TV !

Best: Infinity broadcasting for moving 8-track Saturday night over to the much stronger 102.7 signal that can be heard clearly in DC. Good program although Inifinity can't do anything else right. Another thumbs up to Infinity for getting rid of that awful B 102.7 and Craig and Company. The Bay 100.7 for improving their signal in the Baltimore area.....Worst: The Jack Diamond Morning TALK show on 107.3..... The Bay 100.7 for making their signal so directional that you can only listen to it east of the District.....but then again, DC was never their target market, and they never rated there. So, why try to serve it. (You were right Dave. After driving around, I discovered you can no longer get it anywhere in VA. The radiation plots show that they are putting out very little signal in that direction.)

Tariq Malik:
I wanted to vote for Mark and Kris of Hot99.5fm The Hot Morning Mess. These guys are actually funny!! We haven't had radio here like that since the old days of Don and Mike and The Morning Zoo from Wava power105!! Thank god D.C. has a Contempory Hits station again. I moved from washington to go to Orlando,FL for two years and these guys remind me of Doc Holliday and Johnny Magic from Clear Channels XL106.7fm The Morning Zoo Mark and Kris remind me a little of them and Orlando. They Deserve it! They are much better than Jack diamond in the morning! I work at Bed Bath&Beyond in Gaithersburg,Md and when we work we always listen to them. It's funny because I never used to get up early and want to listen to anybody except for Don and Mike when they were with Wava and that is saying alot!! Even if I had a late night at work I always want to get up and listen to Mark And Kris and the hot morning mess!! I love those guys!!

Best Radio is WTOP Hands Down! Not just news but also sports and features. And don't forget traffic and weather together on the 8's..... Best Radio Commentator Dave Ross on WTOP -- pithy and punching and funny..... Best Radio Feature Man About Town on WTOP -- humorous with a soul..... Best TV/Radio weather Doug Hill -- Just too young to have white hair (only 51??)..... Best TV Anchor -- Jim Vance..... Best Radio News Anchor team Moss & Day on WTOP (close second is Sean and Diane on WTOP)..... Best Radio News Anchor solo Sean Hall on WTOP..... Best Radio Commercials Jerry's Pizza..... Worst radio decision of the year -- bouncing Randi Martin from WASH FM.....

Bob in Silver Spring:
Without a doubt the best Weatherman in town is ABC-7's Doug Hill. He is a weather nerd with a sense of humor and a health sense of self. He also adds a lot to WTOP Radio!!!
Best TV Anchor Jim Vance (most likely the smartest of a smart bunch)
Best morning show on radio -- Mike & Richard (Moss& Day) on WTOP Radio.
Best Interviewer -- Bruce Allen on WTOP Radio -- he handles all of the "Ask The.. " shows with great skill and humor.
Best Sportscaster is a toss up WTOP's Dave Johnson or Frank Hanrahan.
Best Afternoon Radio Show -- Sean and Dianne on WTOP.
Am I showing a bias?? Well, how about this: Best Sports Talk is Tony Kornheiser who continues to make it interesting for those of us how are not sports junkies.
Best Talk Show -- Victoria Jones, WMAL. While in some ways she may be wasted at night, it is at a time I get to listen and she does challenge critical thinking.
I won't list "worst" because being negative doesn't suit my personality.. (ha ha ha ha)

From MD Edgewater:
Best Morning Show- Elliott..a bit outlandish but the hardest working, most creative in the market.
Best Sidekick-Flounder..willing to do anything for the cause.
Best traffic reporter-Bob Marbourg...no one knows the patterns better.
Best newscaster..metro's Jim Hawk...authoritative...smooth delivery
Best jock for the fun of it...Big Don O'brien
Best talk show.....Liddy...a talk host..not a radio guy.
Best TV anchor......Jim Vance.....always a pro.
Best TV funny guy....Ron Matz....has fun with the viewers
Best TV weather person....Willard...he led the way and doesn't take it seriously.
Best TV Sports anchor.....George M. knows what the viewers want
Worst..... None to mention. Its the holiday season. Cheers

Bill in Bethesda, MD:
The Bob Dylan, It's All Over Now Baby Blue Award: Tony Kornheiser and his radio and now TV show with Wilbon. Simply awful. The radio show was funny when it was local, but since it went national via ESPN, it's tiresome and painful to listen to. Post, radio, ESPN, George Michael, the guy is definitely overexposed. I used to be a loyal reader but now I just skip the guy entirely.....
The Life is Good Award: Johnny Holliday, who called both a NCAA basketball Final Four and an ACC football championship for the Maryland Terrapins..... Cool Idea, But Will It Fly Award: XM Satellite Radio..... Best TV Sports Reporter: Ken Mease..... Idea I wish they would do away with: Clogging up the tv corners with the station ID, score and messages. Watching sports on tv sucks, too much junk and clutter on the screens.

Jason from Lusby:
best local news WRC
best DJ's Don Geronimo & Mike O'Mera
best radio station DC101
worst local news Channel 7
worst DJ's Howard Stern
worst radio station Z104

Tim in Sterling:
Best: Best Morning Show - Elliot in the morning. DC101
Best Radio Personality - EZ Street (the guy could do any format)
Best Talk show - Don & Mike (sucks that they got moved to middays)
Best Station - DC101 (but the damn play list is getting too short)
Best TV News - NBC4 6 pm
Worst: Worst Morning Show - WINC FM & Hot 99.5
Worst Radio Personality - WINC FM Staff
Worst Talk Show - Opie & Anthony
Worst Station - WINC FM
Worst TV News - Barbara uh, uh, uh, uh Harrison NBC4 a.m.

Jack from Montgomery CO:
Best Local Radio News WMAL
Best Local Talk Chris Core
Best Morning Show for Intelligent People Imus
Best Sports Radio Show Tony Kornhieser
Best Sports Radio personality Doc Walker
Best TV street reporters Gary Reals Dave Statter
Best TV weatherman Bob Ryan
Worst Radio Sports Show Rhome (how can anyone listen to more than 5 minutes of this?)
Worst TV News Channel 7

Best Radio station..for News.WTOP.......Best music station....Oldies 100.....best TV anchor Channel 4's Doreen Genzler, Best TV Sports anchor, Ken Mease Channel 9...... Worst TV Sports anchor, Wally Bruckner, Channel 4....Most disorganized Radio Station, WMAL, what is the world has happened to that station?..... Best play by play broadcaster, Johnny Holliday who is the best all around talent in Washington..... Best Radio morning show, Imus on WTNT..... Worst Radio morning show, Brant and Parks on WMAL.....Best Male anchor on Television...Gordon Peterson, Channel 9 Best Afternoon show Radio..Oldies 100 and Tom Kelly.... Biggest question mark in Washington Radio....WTEM? They call that an all Sports station.

Paul, Glen Burnie:
Best news station: WBAL
Best and most informative morning show: Dave Durian, WBAL
Best DJ: Laurie DeYoung, WPOC (and I don't even like country!)
Best personalities on morning show: Sean Casey, Frank Luber, Art Sinclair, WCBM (I wake to WBAL and drive with WCBM)
Best new (to the area) talk show: Sean Hannity, WMAL
Best station that plays rock music I grew up with (late 70s - early 80s): An emphatic NONE!
Best specialty sports show: The NFL on JFK, WJFK-AM
Best play-by-play: Steve Kolbe, Washington Capitals
Best local talk show: Ron Smith, WBAL (wake me up when DC gets a local talk show, ok?)
Best voice of someone who really should be in radio full time: Stratford University President Richard Shurtz, Tech Talk, barter show on WMAL
Best professional talk show caller: Pikesville Jerry, WBAL and WCBM
Best comebacks: Rush Limbaugh from deafness, Paul Harvey from throat surgery
Most eclectic: WTMD
Best radio websites: DCRTV (thanks for the suckup award) and danoday.com
Worst morning show host: Bruce Elliott, WBAL
Worst talk show host, syndicated: Jim Rome
Worst talk show host, local: Tom Marr, WCBM
Worst programming moves: No smooth jazz or all-news stations in Baltimore, just about any move that WJFK-AM has made lately ("if you're not a male under 35, get lost")
Worst demise of a barter show: Your Career Life, WMAL
Could someone tell me why it's wasting bandwidth?: WNST
(I don't have as many worsts, guess I'm not as passionate)

Best local news: FOX 45
Best local sportscaster: Bruce Cunningham, FOX 45
Best morning show: WJZ
Best play-by-play announcer, local: Scott Garceau (although he needs a little more color)
Best color commentary: Craig Laughlin, Washington Capitals

Worst local just about everything: WMAR
Worst sportscast: CSN, in a landslide
Worst play-by-play announcer: Michael Reghi, Orioles

JR from DC:
Best News Overall: WTTG
Best Cable News: FOX News Channel
Best Talking Head: Bill O'Reilly
Best Anchor: Tracey Neale (welcome back)
Best Sports: Dave Fedlman
Best Weather: Doug Hill
Best Morning News: WTTG
Best Reporter: Holly Morris (She keeps FOX5's morning show going)

Worst News Overall: WUSA
Worst Cable News: MSNBC
Worts Anchor: Gurvir Dhendsa
Worst Sports: Rene Knotts
Worst Weather: Topper Shut
Worst Morning News: WJLA
Worst Reporter: Pat Collins

Tim in Herndon:
Best Local News/Talk: WTOP (improved a lot in the last year...special note of the great coverage during the events of 9/11/01)
Worst Local News/Talk: WMAL (sad to see an old friend wither away)
Best in AC/Top 40/etc: Z104 (love the new mix and fewer commercials)
Worst in AC/Top 40/etc: HOT 99.5 (maybe I'm getting old)
Biggest Disappointment in Radio: *1st place - WTEM (they should have NEVER let go of Phil Wood, TK is getting tiresome, I wish Rome was replaced with Dan Patrick, John Thompson Show can be frustrating to listen to...as another posting said, most listeners know more about some of the sports than John, Al, & Doc pretend to know, and bad signal at night here in Fairfax County)
*2nd place - Don & Mike moving to middays
Biggest Hope for the Future (Local Radio & Beyond): XM radio. Truthfully, I haven't even listened to the product yet. However, from what I've read, it looks like something new & promising (any comments from those who have listened?)
Best in Local TV: WRC Ch. 4 (their whole package: their look, their anchors, etc.)
Worst in Local TV: NewsChannel 8 (their low-budget look and presentation outshines any good reporting that I may be missing. One step above local access)
BEST WEBSITE DEDICATED TO LOCAL RADIO/TV: DCRTV (without competition)...Thanks, Dave

Jim in DC:
Best: WTOP, WGMS and WHUR. In TV WJLA for most improved and Doug Hill (for both TV and Radio).
Worst: AM Radio is dying in DC, except for WTOP. Very sad. On TV side I miss having competititve newscasts at 4pm.
Happy Holidays to all who toil in Washington TV and Radio. Many good, hard-working people. "Best" or "Worst" is merely one person's opinion.

CD in DC:
Best: TV Newscast: Channel 4. Sorry, folks. Once the team of Ryan, Gentzler, Vance and Michael, etc. leaves then maybe one of the other stations can be considered, although Channel 7 is looking better lately with its WUSA (Bunyan, Hill) castoffs. News Channel 8 might have a shot, if it's shows didn't look so cheap. Perhaps the move to the new studios will help upgrade things a bit..... TV Sports: Tie - ESPN's 'Pardon the Interruption' and Comcast SportsNet's Logicon FDC SportsNite. Okay, I have a bias in that I like Kornheiser and Wilbon's rantings in the Post (and all other media outlets). I find the format fast and funny -- the fact that these two are held to a time limit to discuss topics keeps the show fresh (my guess is that they stole this from the clock George Michael uses on the Full Court Press show, which also would be considered, except its limited as the show that fills in the time slot when Redskins Report is no longer on). As for SportsNite, for a sports junkie (no relation to the radio guys) like me, it's great that full 30 minutes, instead of 2, is being taken for sports. Personally though I'd like to see the show expanded to (1) do investigative reporting, which Channel 5 Brett 'I won an Emmy, see ya in NY' Haber tried and (2) since CSN is a regional sports network for the Mid-Atlantic, maybe expanding the show to an hour might give more t ime to cover some of college teams (other than Maryland, not that I mind considering there's business involved, nee Comcast Center, but there are other schools in this region, as well) in the region more thoroughly. Honorable mention: Jim Rome's Last Word on CSN. Yeah, he and his (TV and radio) show are tough to take at first, but at times, I do find myself laughing at some of his takes..... Best Weather: Actually all of them should tie shouldn't they, since none of them seem to be able to predict two or three days ahead..... Best Radio (R&B): WHUR. I'm showing my age here (37) but if it wasn't for the Adult Mix, I couldn't get away from the latest from Shaggy, Joe, Nelly, Mystikal, etc..... Best Radio News: Tie WTOP and NPR (pick your station). Although TOP is shorter, it is the best station for local coverage. NPR (and Pacifica, when it's not in legal and financial peril) has the time to cover and expound on a story thoroughly (although some of you, I'm sure, may have trouble with the left-leaning view)..... Best Local Station: None. I'm slowly finding that the drivel local and network television (other than those noted above) offer is nothing substantial that cable can (Discovery, TLC, TNT -- for my NBA Jones, HBO, ESPN, Comcast Sports, etc., etc.) offer..... And Finally for the Best, Best Potential Reason to Drive Cross-Country in the Future and turn off the glut of crap on local radio: The potential of XM Satellite Radio.
Worst TV News, but some hope is left: Channel 9. I grew up with Gordon, Max Robinson, Glenn Brenner, and the other Gordon (I forget the last name of the weather guy), but now your newscasts reek! And poor Jess Atkinson, I'm beginning to think the sportscast is just filler for the rest of TV 9's programming. Thanks for giving Gerald Owens his walking papers, after seeing him as a morning anchor, I could never buy him as the weekend sports guy..... Worst Approach to Solving the Monopoly of Comcast: Prince George's County. After negotiating an agreement with Starpower/RCN and finally getting some competition to bring down Comcast's monopoly, Mr. Curry and some of the County big-wigs decided to reneg and get some additional goodies (also this seemed to occur after some coincidential whining from Comcast officials). Starpower smartly said no thanks and left the table, assuming that with upcoming election turnover in the county, they may return..... Worst Radio Format: Conservative Talk. Forgive my liberal bias, I know the righties are having a field day with the War and Bush doing so well and all, but the Rush/Liddy/FOX News-esque format are so negative..... Schizophrenic Station: WTEM. I love the station for the most part (my sports lover bias again), but can we decide if we're an affiliate of Fox Sports or ESPN Radio, already. Frightening Trend of the Future: More networks buying up or merging with others thus cheapening news coverage, independence, and quality of programming (Read: AOL Time Warner Uber Alles, Viacom/BET, NBC/Telemundo, etc., etc., etc.)..... Finally, Worst 'I Wanna Sex You Up' Trend: Fox Sports Net's plunging necklines. I guess it all started with Jillian Barbieri but if you watch the 'Best D___ Sports Show Period' and some other Fox Sports shows, note how low the necklines or how high the cleavage is heading for some of its female sportscaster. Thanks for vine...

From Jim in Bethesda:
Best Radio: WTOP - now more than ever
Best News Overall: WRC
Most Improved News: WJLA
Best Cable/Network News (tie): MSNBC - Brian Williams at 8; CNN - Aaron Brown at 10
Best Talking Head: Meet the Press Best Anchor: Jim Vance
Best Sports: George Michael & WRC Team
Best Weather: Doug Hill
Best Morning News: WUSA - why aren't they doing 6 & 11pm?
Worst Radio: WMAL - are they still on the air?
Worst Local News Overall: WUSA - rudderless
Worst Cable/Network News: Fox - yellow journalism lives
Worst Talking Heads (tie): Capital Gang, Beltway Boys
Worst Radio Sports Personality (tie): Steve Czaban - Shut Up Already; Doc Walker
Worst TV Sports: Jess Atkinson
Most Overexposed: Tony Kornheiser - can the TV show, and go back to Sunday
Style In a Rut: The Today Show
Time to Retire: Gordon Peterson, Sam Donaldson, ER
Special Mention: WETA-FM, WAMU - whatever happened to public radio diversity?

Best-Big Don back on the airwaves!!! Rouse and Company for 12 years and over 4000 shows, best morning show. No other morning show has been around that long in this area. Best AM morning news show: Dave Durian on WBAL, great show, very informative, great news desk. Best hot talk show, Don and Mike, I grew up with them back on WAVA, their ratings say it all. Infinity for picking up Bob Duckman on WQSR. WCBM for picking up G. Gordon Liddy. Best talk show-Ron Smith on WBAL,love or hate him, he is extremely knowledgeable and well read. Best AC stations in Maryland-96-7 WCEI from Easton and 104.7 Q105 from Salisbury, next to WQSR, best oldies station The WAVE from Salisbury.
Worst-Infinity bowing down to that idiot GM at WHFS and not putting on a hot FM talker in Baltimore. Moving Don and Mike to middays. Taking G.Gordon Liddy off of WJFK-AM and FM in place of the arrogant Jim Rome and the ratings killers in DC, O&A. WCBM not putting on G. Gordon Liddy for all three hours. AM/FM for getting rid of WGAY. Clear Channel changing Jammin 99-5 to Hot 99-5. Jammin got better ratings in a saturated market. Clear Channel firing legendary Bob Duckman and longtime jockette Randi Martin. Infinity firing Linda Sherman and Stan the Fan. 100-7 The Bay a regurgitation of WQSR, WOCT, WWMX and WLIF. CC's 104.3 for not continuing to play the wide open playlist that it started with when it changed to Classic Rock and More in May. The lack of a standards station in Baltimore or DC. The repetative playlists of many of the stations.

I can't stand Harvey joel Fisher aka Jack Diamond on 107.3 I think he is so phony and rediculous go elliot all the way.

Greg K., Baltimore:
Best Radio Station in Baltimore: 98Rock (KML rules! Best mixture of classic and current rock.)
Best TV News in Baltimore: WBAL (Their meteorologists are the most accurate.)
Favorite New TV Show of the Year: TheWeakestLink (Who's a few cards short of a full deck?)
Least Favorite TV Show of the Year: The Family Guy (Why does Fox keep bringing this show back?)
Worst Radio Station in Baltimore: X105.7 (Very disappointed in Infinity for eliminating B102.7 in favor of yet another urban station.)
Worst TV News in Baltimore: WJZ (How can anyone take people like Marty Bass, Sally Thorner, and John Buren seriously?)

Craig - RadioMojo.com:
Best Radio Morning show: Elliot in the Morning, 101.1 DC-101 Elliot's carved out a great niche and stays funny and local. Best PM Drive Time Radio: Opie and Anthony, 106.7 WJFK The guys are funny and original. Syndication has watered them down slightly, and it's sounds like they might be shunning DC a little. But, look at their DC competition for the demographic. They're still better then John Ballard on DC101, and Virgin/Graeme at HFS. Best Radio Personality: With Eddie Gallaher out of radio and Duckman heading North, it feels like it's time for the next level of DC radio institutions to take over. WARW's (formerly WHFS's) Cerphe knows more about DC/rock history then anyone and has bonded with an entire generation. With radio consolidation and syndication abound, his might be the last generation of one-city local radio legends. Gotta run back to work. Thanks again for a great webpage.

Worst sports announcer: Rick "Doc" Walker, WTEM. Obnoxious, overbearing and full of bluster. He was a scrub for the Redskins during the 80's and seems to believe that his football experience makes him a genius, not only on football, but on basketball, hockey, baseball and just about any other sport you can imagine. It is quite hilarious to hear him pontificate on hockey, for example, when it is quite obvious that most of his listening audience knows more than he does about the sport. Walker could be treated as just a harmless joke but for his monumental ego and the nasty way that he treats callers or guests who disagree with him. Only a slipshod operation like WTEM would settle for this guy when there are many ex-Redskins in the announcing business who are far more qualified and listenable.

I don't know how to cast other votes (like best/worst DJ or stations) as succintly as I do this one for WORST Radio Station Owner: Please consider this ONE VOTE for CLEAR CHANNEL COMMUNICATIONS. damn..here's hoping that Santa Claus brings them a better decision making process this year!!
Ok, what the hell, here's a vote for Buzz Burbank (Mike Elston) for having WJFK's (and the DC area's) best weekend show (that is NOT a rebroadcast from the week). Buzz kicks ass. Thanks and once again, keep up the damn fine work on DCRTV!

jacob, northwest:
Best Local News: WTOP and WRC
Best TV anchor: Wendy Reiger (more than a pretty face most don't realize)
Best TV reporter: Tom Sherwood and Pat Collins
Best Weather: Doug Hill
Best Sports: George Michael
Best Radio anchor: I like Moss and Day.
Best Radio reporter: WTOP's Dave McConnell (truly a local hall-of-famer)
Best Rock station: WRNR
Worst Local News: WUSA, WMAL (what happened to these guys???)
Worst TV reporter: Tony Dorsey (are you kidding me?)
Worst Sports: that dude on channel five
Worst Rock station: WHFS (confused lot)

sean hall:
Best radio news: WTOP. Best music station: Majic 102.3 and WGMS (it's hell when you change demos). Best TV news: Channel 4. Best overall TV anchor: Wendy Rieger. Best TV weather: Doug Hill. Best radio sports: Byron Kerr. Best TV sports: Frank Herzog (your days with the Bullets are still some of the best NBA play-by-play I've ever heard). Best music air personality: Loo Katz. Best try at reuniting The Joy Boys: October's WQCB dinner.
Worst radio news: WMAL. Worst music station: Hot 99.5 (they don't make 'em like they used to). Biggest blunder: The demise of soft-AC WGAY (please don't tell me you couldn't sell it). Second biggest blunder: Elliot Segal's comments at the AIR awards.

Steve McIntosh:
BEST: The fantasy that DC/Baltimore might get an actual hit music station someday.
WORST: Hot 99.5 - Says it's hit music, but it's nothing more than a hip-hip/rap station with some BSB and Britney occassionaly thrown in; continues to brag about the fact that they beat out Z104 (get over yourselves....very childish and tacky).... Z104 for succumbing to the inferior programming at Hot 99.5 and switching to that modern AC stuff (which actually is growing on me and isn't half bad.....I'm starting to listen to Z104 alot again mostly because there isn't much choice, but I want the hit and dance music back..... Mega 92.7 for screwing up reception on WINC FM.

I cast my vote for Infinity Broadcasting to be the worst thing in Baltimore, providing bland programming, poor morale for its workers and no interest in the listeners. Worst station: X105.7. Worst DJ: Steve Rouse (WQSR). Loves to hear himself talk too much.

- Best "talk" show: "Don & Mike" on WJFK. They're not "talk" like most people.
- Worst reschedule: Moving "Don & Mike" to midday when I can't listen more than an hour (and I have to split my attention between them, Rush and Liddy).
- Most dramatic drop in ratings: "Opie & Anthony" in the old "Don & Mike" slot. The first book after they took over the afternoon slot on JFK O&A complained about their drop (though it was no fault of their own): "Rats didn't leave the Titanic this fast. Don and Mike spent years building these ratings and we lost it in two months."
- Best save: WTNT for picking up G. Gordon Liddy after he got unceremoniously canned by Donnie "Soprano" at JFK.
- Worst signal (that I WANT to listen to): WTNT. Unless I'm in my car, I can hardly hear a thing.
- Worst signal (that I WANT to listen to) 2: WWRC. I like Laura Ingraham, but, again, unless I'm driving, I can hardly hear a thing.
- Best save 2: XM radio and CNET radio for picking up TechRadio after it, like so much else, was bumped from WJFK on the weekends. It's the ONLY reason I'd like to buy an XM receiver.
- Worst save: XM radio and CNET radio for picking up TechRadio and taking a god-awful LONG time to put it on. We're STILL waiting.
- Best train wreck radio: the guy on WTNT before Liddy. I don't know his name and I don't think he's exceptionally good, but when I listen, I have to keep listening. He's making a valiant effort and deserves credit for it... plus, I guess I should learn his name.

- Best sports radio: "Sports Junkies" on WJFK. I don't follow sports. I don't even like sports. But, these guys make it interesting enough to stay tuned.
- Best radio to fall asleep to: "Ron & Fez". Since they're on at 11p, it's helpful. I'd listen during the evenings, but they're on right when I go to sleep. It's unavoidable.

Mike Berry of www.98wrc.com:
BEST: WBJC. Good pacing, interesting local arts news, an excellent signal even in DC, & Karl Haas on the weekends. A great radio station.
WORST: The terrible audio quality on the PBS show Rock, Rhythm, & Doo Wop. An atrocity!

The Intern:
BEST: WTOP and EVERYONE who makes it happen ... they make the finished product look so polished. And they're incredibly giving.

Best local news: WTOP
Best local talk show: Ron Smith, WBAL
Best synidcated talk show: Sean Hannity
Best morning show: Elliot in the Morning(because it touches a nerve with my juvenile side)
Best local TV news: Fox 45(if only because they get an hour to show their wares)
Best national news: Fox News Channel
Best rock station: 98 Rock
Best network TV program: The Simpsons

Worst local news: WMAL
Worst local talk show: Victoria Jones, WMAL
Worst local TV news: WMAR
Worst national news: SOME of CNN's stuff(not all of it)
Worst rock station: WHFS
Worst network TV program: Friends
Worst Clear Channel moment: realizing after the attacks that they had 8 stations, and not one of them were news related.

Donna in Herndon:
Best oldies station - WQSR on their new frequency (sorry, WBIG!), although WBIG still has some of my favorite personalities (Goldy, Johnny Dark) Best morning drive show - 98 Rock, love those guys...and where else can I hear "The Onion" while driving my car? Best local TV personalities - Jim Vance, Doreen Gentzler, George Michael, Mike Buchanan
Worst programming decision in my opinion - WAMU's decision to kick bluegrass to the curb

Worst Radio Management Corp. - Radio One - constantly buying and expanding, but their announcers and board "ops" are the most underpaid in a market. And the constant plugg-ola of Jeff Majors because of his relationship with Cathy Hughes.

Dan in Bethesda:
Best: WTOP - no question, best news coverage on the radio. WMAL is Nowhere near competition.
Worst: Most anything Clear Channel did....need I say more?

best anchor - jim vance until the end of time
worst anchor - gurvir dinsa, close second is mary alice salinas
best weather - ryan of course
worst weather - sue palka, truly just another semi pretty face with a balloon over her head
best sports - michaels
worst sports - it pains me but jess is about a 50th market kind of guy who could not get a major job outside of DC
best news - wrc
worst news wttg - hey 9 is bad but this is FOX, one step shy of the Enquirer..... worst sports show on all of television in the world.....pardon the interruption. Kornheiser has really turned into an old crank who has lost his punch. probably due to overexposure due to a desire to make every last buck he can before sixty. sadly wilbon is letting him take him down with him.
best radio show - john thompson honest plus. a breath of fresh air
worst radio show - chris core....now we see how much he needed trumble and even whathername
best radio station wtop hands down
worst radio station wrc.....hairball, this area would BACK a strong sports station worst personality on radio andy pollen.... syncophant to tony k and a man whose local career will soon end as tk self destructs.
best personality imus,... may not be best show but damn is he entertaining.
worst website for visually challenged individuals ....dcrtv. I am soooo sorry Dave, but for those who have double vision difficulties, black on bright white on a computer monitor is among our worst challenges.
best website for radio and tv dcrtv Dave you da man!

Best: Still WPFW, which keeps crankin' out great jazz music despite political turmoil within Pacifica. Who cares about the left-wing rants, anyway? More jazz, please.
Worst: The nonstop ads for hair-growth tonic, sexual stimulants and vitamin supplements on WTNT and WAVA. I listen to both stations, and sometimes even enjoy them, but the commercials are atrocious. Who approves this stuff? What are the standards for acceptable product ads? Nauseating.

BEST: Andrea Roane (dressed to the 9's), Doug Hill (grandfather of weather), Sue Palka (funny faces, cool highlighted hair), Jim Vance (stiff, boring, great), Steve Rudin (sexy, funny), Kathleen Matthews (married to money), Mike Buchanan (obnoxious yet great story teller), Pat Collins (best reporter around!), Andrea McCarren (professional, confident, poised)
WORST: Alexandra Steel (fake smile), Topper Shutt, Tony Pann (boring, mumbles), Laura Evens, Stacey Donaldson (does she think she is Ashley Banfield with the glasses?), Chickadee Windler, Susan Roberts, Holly Morris, Maureen Bunyan (always wears big fake flowers on here outfits), Gurvier Dihnsa, Bruce Johnson, Heather Cabot

Really only a worst: Moving Don and Mike from afternoon drive to middays and putting Opie and Anthony in their place. Thanks a million Osama Ken Laden!

Bill in Bethesda, MD:
Best voice in radio-Gary Chase of 97.1 WASH Best WTEM employee-Scott Linn, the Caps beat reporter Best Idea-Free Summer in the Park concerts sponsored by Classic Rock 94.7. Anytime one gets to see Nils Lofgren and Dr. John in back to back weeks for free is okay by me.
Worst (only?) Local Sports Radio Show-The John Thompson Show, WTEM Classless Move-Letting Phil Wood dangle all year, then firing him.


DC Doc:
Best: Dan Henry and Greg Toland on WJLA; Brian Mooar on WRC; Jess Atkinson and Howard Bernstein on WUSA (I can't believe I found something good about Channel 9)
Worst: Dave Roberts, Hillary Howard, and Gurvir Dhindsa at WUSA; Alexandra Steele at WJLA; and of course, Gannett in general!

DJ Jay Brown form the now disfunct Blaze 990 in Connecticut:
Best: 1590 KHZ - Great Station (except for the reverb), Univsion for buying channel 14, Infinity for launching X-105.7 (their second great Urban Launch this year the other being 93.7 in Hartford), O&A being added to 106-7 WJFK, and the dropping of Craig & Company in Baltimore.
Worst: Clear Channel for killing WGAY Again and launching three whacked out stations - WTNT 570, WWRC 1260, and WIHT 99.5, Dr. Laura (except for her annual Thanksgiving Joke Fest), Bonneville for killing Z-104, and NC-8 for their dated look.

Old Virginia Country Boy:
WORST - WAMU - dropping weekday bluegrass
BEST - WTOP - no particular reason

best- al santos (105.9) is a class act!
WORST- (and i can't stress that enough-WORST!) idiot in the morning (dc101)... if that's entertainment i'm the man in the moon!

The absolute worst radio group in baltimore/Washington, and probably anywhere else they own stations, is shamrock communications. they are a mickey mouse outfit run by newspaper people who know nothing about radio. no wonder their stations don't really succeed.

Best. WTOP and WHUR in touch with the community. Doug Hill on Channel 7. Dig that digital doppler !
Worst. Moving D & M out of afternoon drive. Channel 9 for allowing Doug Hill to get away. Clear Channel for actively, intentionally flushing WWRC and WTNT down the toilet. Hate-speak on WOL. Except for WTOP, there is no reason at all to go to the AM dial in Washington and I no longer do so unless I am out of range on WTOP on 107.7. So I guess my biggest vote for worst is all AM radio in Washington 'cept for 1500/820.

The best thing to happen to Baltimore Radio is the new X-105.7 finally some competition against 92Q. Wish another station would go head to head against Majic 95.9

Best: WTOP. Station gets better every year. Adds 820AM, streams audio again. Dave Johnson and Moss and Day in the morning. Lisa Baden makes me laugh on an all-news station ! Also WGMS: a class(ical) act. WQSR which now can be heard in DC.
Worst: management at WMAL. Once powerful station allowed to languish. Off with their heads ! WIHT for very unclassy, tasteless stunts. Clear Channel AM stations (except WTEM): in 2001 they managed to go from bad to almost non-existent. Bring me the head of Bennet Zier !

Best:ABC 7's Redesigning of set and look,UPN 20's and WB50's new look
Worst: WUSA's frequent layoffs, UPN 20 being gobbled up by fox, and Sinclair in general

Best - WQSR now on better signaled 102.7 (and Big Don), WBJC, WGMS (and Dennis Owens), WTOP (and Dave McConnell), Weasel on HFS weekends, WETA radio, WAMU, Ed Walker's "Big Broadcast," Channel 9's Dave Statter and Gary Reals, Channel 4's Tom Sherwood, WTNT's Art Bell (when he's there), WRNR (even though I still can't hear it where I live), Johnny Holliday, the much improved Z104, WMAL's morning show of Andy Parks and Tim Brandt, the Greaseman's short-lived comeback on WZHF, WTNT picking up the G-Man.....
Worst - WMAL's 9 AM to 5 PM "right-wing block" of Schlessinger, Limbaugh, and Hannity (the new Three Stooges), JFK-FM's ultra stoopid move of relocating "Don & Mike" to middays and putting "Opie & Anthony" in PM drive, Clear Channel canning Bob Duckman and Phil Wood, Clear Channel silencing nostalgic WGAY, Clear Channel hiring "Hal 9000" to do DC101 overnights, Infinity chickening out on a Baltimore FM hot talker, dull rocker WZBA's lame playlist and even worse "improved" signal, Channel 7 canning Bill Maher's "Politically Incorrect" for being politically incorrect (duh!), MPT/WETA-TV's hellishly endless pledge break programming, Prettyman moving classic rock KMZ off of powerful 97.5 (so I can't hear it), another year of all that wasted electricity transmitting the useless signal of Channel 14, Sinclair's management at Channels 45/54 requiring newscasters to read patriotic statements, Johns Hopkins' decision to sell WJHU, the DC Post's continuing lame coverage of local radio/TV.....